Statistics and Reporting

Business Intelligence Portal

It is a portal ensures that all the insurance policy and claims data, as well as data from the other insurance applications such as the reports of accidents resulting in material claims, loss adjuster reports, and MTPL insurance offer information are being analyzed.

The portal can be used by the insurance companies and the authorized users at public institutions.

More than 1.000 users from the insurance industry who actively use the portal with over 300 reports, can compare company and industry dataThese reports and analyses provides to all users with accurate and effective analysis of their data, as well as forecasts for the future and allow them to see the company's position within the industry.

Within the context of Self-Service Reporting; for the insurance companies and the users from the public institutions who do not want to independently from the reports prepared and offered on the portal by the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, there is a structure through which they can issue their own reports. The insurance data collected in different structures, are combined in a common data model. In this way, analysis between the products  became possible.Through the drag-and-drop method, the users can issue their own reports based on the breakdowns on which they are authorized, and save these reports in their own folders to edit or update them at a later time.

Furthermore, some of the reports on the portal are open to the public through the web site; In this way, all the citizens can quickly access statistical summaries such as; rates of non-insurance and premium changes in the MTPL insurance.


It is the platform that contains the panels(dashboards) where it is ensured that all insurance policy and claims data, which are collected under the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, are provide visual, fast and efficient analysis. Data from all dashboards shown on this platform are updated daily, this application is one of a kind in Türkiye and in the World that provides analysis opportunities to the industry.

The platform can be used by the senior insurance executives and the authorized users of the public institutions. 300+ users using the platform, by the branch-based dashboards provided in this platform, users can actively follow the distribution of production, claims etc. of the insurance companies and of the industry.