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With web application, it is aimed to ensure that citizens can easily access the details regarding"vehicle damage, vehicle details, replaced parts, traffic and comprehensive coverage policy, accident report, insurance company to pay for the damage, and life insurance of the deceased" . After registering in the system, users can buy inquiry rights and use the plate or chassis number to find out about their vehicle's damage historydetails, replaced parts according to the expert's report, comprehensive and insurance policiesaccident reports. Moreover, they can use the relevant ID number to inquire the life insurance of the deceased and the insurance company from which they can get the indemnity in case of an accident. They can use the application to access all past inquiries free of charge at any time.

It is possible to use Damage inquiry to learn;

  • Date of accident,
  • Reason for accident,
  • Whether the vehicle has heavy damage,
  • Expert report details, if any,
  • Sum of damage

It is possible to use Vehicle detail inquiry to learn;

  • The brand and model of the vehicle,
  • Date of registration,
  • Total duration of comprehensive insurance,
  • Total duration without comprehensive insurance,
  • Whether there is a valid comprehensive insurance,
  • Whether there has been a plate change,
  • Plate city change and list,
  • Vehicle type change and list,
  • Type of last owner,
  • Duration of last ownership

It is possible to use Replaced parts inquiry to learn

  • Date of accident,
  • Total sum of parts,
  • Total sum of workmanship,
  • Replaced part details,
  • Whether the replaced part is original or not,
  • Number of replaced parts

It is possible to use Report inquiry to learn;

  • Date of accident,
  • Report status,
  • Report creation date,
  • Plate of vehicles,
  • Defect rates of vehicles

It is possible to use Policy inquiry to learn;

  • Policy number,
  • Policy status,
  • Policy expiry date

It is possible to use Life insurance inquiry for the deceased to learn;

  • The insurance company,
  • Number of policies

It is possible to use Inquiry for the insurance company to pay the indemnity to learn;

  • The insurance company,
  • Damage file number,
  • Plate number website is compatible with mobile devices. All processes carried out on the website can also be done on smart phones via the Sigortam360 app that can be downloaded from  Android application stores.

Same inquiries can be done on the website for a fee without subscribing. Moreover, it is possible to carry out policy inquiries free of charge.

Each inquiry costs 117,00 TRY. Users can buy as many inquiries as they wish.