Work Continuity Policy

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center with its established business continuity management system ensures the maintenance of operational continuity without being affected or with minimal impact in the face of extraordinary and unexpected situations of the critical services it offers.

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center Business Continuity Management System is operated within the scope of the following principles;

  • Fulfilling the requirements of ISO / IEC 22301 Business Continuity Management Standard,
  • Analyzing the effects to SBM and stakeholders in case of interruptions in services, determining the RTO and RPO values for services and making criticality assessment of the services,
  • Determining resource requirements and internal / external dependencies for the continuity of services,
  • Risk assessment for critical services determined as a result of business impact analysis and risk processing activities in order to minimize the downtime and impacts that may arise from possible risks,
  • Determining business continuity strategies by taking into consideration SBM's business continuity goals, business impact analysis and risk assessment results, and SBM's business strategies, legislation and contract obligations,
  • Preparing business continuity plans for critical services, conducting regular exercises in order to determine the aspects of the plans that need to be improved, and keeping these plans up-to-date,
  • In the case of suppliers that are supported in the provision of critical services, evaluation of the business continuity capabilities of these suppliers,
  • Ensuring that stakeholders are informed quickly, accurately and effectively in possible business continuity incidents and maintaining communication,
  • Providing regular training and measuring training effectiveness for all employees to be aware of their responsibilities within the scope of ISMS,
  • Measuring and reporting the effectiveness of ISMS with performance indicators and carrying out continuous improvement activities.