Inquiry via Mobile Application

With “SBMobil”, the new application developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, users can now access their insurance policies via their smart phones.

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) recently launched its “SBMobil” application, which is one of the top projects of the organization in 2014. With this new application, SBM goes one step ahead and makes the online services which were previously available only on the website, now accessible via smart phones as well. This new application, which will bring a great deal of convenience to beneficiaries in accessing their insurance policies, is now available in App Store.

“SBMobil” application allows the users to quickly and conveniently access their policies, agency and expert information as well as accident reports and complete online transactions such as expert selection and appointment.

What types of policies can be accessed via the application?

With the “SBMobil” application, the users can access a variety of information related to their insurance policies by entering their profile and insurance information on their smart phones.

The new application allows the users access Liability Insurance and Comprehensive Coverage Policies, Life Insurance Policies, Travel and Health Insurance Policies, Green Card information and Transportation and Passenger Policies.

Your Expert Report is now on your Smart Phone!

So you’ve just had an accident and an expert has been appointed to assess the damage of your car.

Now it’s very easy to access all details determined by the expert regarding the repair of your vehicle. You can access your expert report by entering license plate number, Turkish ID number and accident date in the system.

Appoint your own Expert!

Now it’s possible to appoint your expert via your smart phone too. With this new application, you can select and expert from the expert pool by entering policy and damage information or let the system randomly select and appoint an expert for you.

Where is the nearest agent and expert?

The nearest agent is only a click away!

With the agent querying feature, you can learn which agents are closest to you and access contact information of agents including directions on a map.

You can also easily access expert information by following the same steps.

Track your Accident Reports!

“SBMobil​” application now allows the beneficiaries to retrieve the most up-to-date versions of their accidents reports as well as at-fault rates for files that have been finalized.

Another prominent feature of the new application is that it allows the beneficiaries to raise an objection to the accident report at-fault rate.

Compare Premium Offers from Different Companies Before Deciding on a Liability Insurance option!

Using the "Trafik Prim Karşılaştır (Compare Liability Insurance Premiums)" option, you can view and compare maximum, minimum and average liability insurance premiums of insurance companies.

Just by entering city, vehicle category and operator type information, you can complete this action much faster on your smart phones.

What's the Insurance Company of the Other Party Involved in the Accident?

With the option to inquire about the policy on the date of the accident, you can easily learn what company to apply to for your claim in an accident.

Just by entering license plate number and claim date, you can access the related insurance company information with just a click.​

Download the application...  

You can download the application;

• On App Store by searching “SBMobil”, 


• On Google Play Store by searching “SBMobil”, ​​​


• By scanning the below barcode,   


By clicking here ​.