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The Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) is producing new projects one after the other to lead the industry in the digital field. Murat Hakseven, General Manager of SBM, has a clear message to the industry: " Let the industry take advantage from us and requests from us first for every kind of the innovation that will improve the industry.”

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) has started to implement the projects that has been prepared for the insurance industry and acting companies in a row. The main objective of SBM is to lead the industry in digital field by providing significant information services to the insurance companies through their projects. “Let the insurance industry assign projects to us and ask for the results. Let them take the value creating advantage from us, make us work and request us for the all kinds of leading pioneer innovation that will improve the industry at all.” says the General Manager Murat Hakseven in the interview of the month of Our Life Insurance Magazine. Mr. Hakseven, who has been worked on many projects under SBM, especially SBM-Cloud, Data Maturity, Common Data Model and MPLS, also speak of the upcoming projects during our interview.

Maturity of the data that flows to Insurance Information and Monitoring Center will rise

One of the projects that SBM has recently completed is the "Maturity Project.". The purpose of the system is to measure the maturity of the data that flows to SBM from the insurance companies, and bring the quality of the data to perfection.

Insurance scores will be determined

In addition, the infrastructure improvements of the Common Data Model, which is prepared with a detailed study, will be completed in a month. It is a project that SBM stands overemphasize. Murat Hakseven, SBM General Manager, stated that with this Project, they will provide to ensure the data consolidation and generate the insurance scores.Mr. Hakseven also stated; “for example, I will learn the total score of Murat Hakseven in all insurance branches.The scores he gets from MTPL or other branches. As a feedback, we will have the opportunity to evaluate the person’s perspective and tendency in terms of insurance. In addition, we will also generate an insured fraud risk score through SISEB (Insurance Fraud Bureau). Furthermore, this score can also be used by the industry in many different areas, especially underwriting and claims processes.

We are creating product packages.

Mr. Hakseven continued; “We established the SBM cloud platform. We have a cloud right now. We started with the agency programs. Here we design the statistical reports that we provide to the industry as product packages. The ındustry will be recieving the product packages according the branches it serves. For example, if the insurance company serving in life branch than it should purchase life packages or if insurance company serving in non-life branches than it should purchase non-life packages.”

Mr. Hakseven explains the purpose of the SBM Cloud Project as following; We're creating the shelves in the cloud right now, and then we're filling the shelves. The purpose of this project is to create a sharing and access platform. What does it means? In terms of the agencies and the loss adjusters, we have been establishing an agent and an loss adjuster application, which is standardized and safe. Agency shall connect to the agency application under the cloud,with 2FA (two factor authentication), with its mobile device from far way without computer or without investing in any IT infrastructure. Agency application went with the secure lines in our MPLS Cloud to the insurance company. Produced the policy. Think of it as a clear system that enirely encrypted from end to end. SBM Cloud is a part of this. All of our products will be in used, an environment for sharing that all the stakeholders who want to connect to us. In addition, most important fact is the cost advantage.

SBM offers many services at once for the insurance industry and companies,  while providing these services, it also uses many of the data from the insured. This raises the question “whether the systems are safe?”. Mr. Hakseven stated that they have to made access roads and closed-loops, he continued; "After establishing rules for the system, we made clear the entrance through the door. Apart from that, we always try to keep ourselves up to date. But is it completely possible? İts not possible however, we always doing our best and do the most recent. The most important thing is to realize the external interventions before they cause a problem. As SBM, our aim is to become the Security Operation Center for the industry. To reach this goal, we are planning to establish a team for the cyber attacks.”

Anti-Fraud Committee for Insurance will be established.

Furthermore, another project planned within SBM that will be useful for the industry is the Fraud Committee, which will be established. As SBM, Mr. Hakseven stated that they were working on the systems that could foresee the insurance frauds in advance, TSB also helped us with this. The activities and the decisions of the committee that will be established, will be carried out with the participation of the insurance companies. The results will be reported to the industry and the related areas.Members of the committee will be composed of insurance companies. In addition, there will also be members from the judiciary and the police.

Claims inquiry started through the call center 11890

Through the 11890 call center, it has been aimed to ensure that, the citizens can easily access to “vehicle claims, vehicle details and replaced parts information".

Those who would like to know the claims history of the vehicle that they would like to purchase, can ask the cliams consultants with a plate or a Shashi number. If requested, the result of the inquiry will be forwarded to your own mobile phone or any other mobile phone via SMS(text message) for free.

"Loss Adjusters" and "agencies", important partners of the Insurance Industry

Mr. Hakseven defines the loss adjusters and the agencies as important partners of the insurance industry. Mr.Hakseven said that they are the insurance of the insurance industry and continued: "Both parties using our systems. We are working to make their lives easier within their business environment, and to make it safer and more reliable. We are going to help them with digital investments. Either they can produce the solution by themselves or SBM can also lead, can provide the technical infrastructure.