Be the first in Turkey S-CLOUD


SBM has been established a brand new service infrastructure for all its stakeholders. In less than a year, the public #cloud infrastructure has been established to become an Amazon-like service provider in its field.

The cloud computing infrastructure has been established in order to benefit services provided by SBM for the the organizations, insurance companies, agencies and loss adjusters carrying out business in the insurance industry or benefiting from the industry's activities.

Especially agencies, loss adjusters etc. it will be ensured that all the technical services such as Application, Reporting, Information Sharing, Server and database services will be provided through SBM-cloud, and that they will be able to be measured, reported and costed.

Industry-wide benefits:

  •   Reducing the technological expenses of SMEs like Agencies, experts etc.
  •   Eliminating the unsafe softwares in the Industry
  •   Provide continuous, regular and quality maintenance and support services
  •   Preventing physical and cyber threats from jeopardizing the Industry
  •   Eliminating the distrust of the parties regarding access to the data.