13th Turkey Insurance Agencies Summit.

13. Turkey Insurance Agencies Summit has been organized in Trabzon through 6-13 May.


Through the summit, thirteen stakeholders of the insurance industry came together. Some of the executives that participated the summit were;  Vice Undersecretary of the Treasury Dr. Ahmet Genç, Office of Treasury Undersecretary Insurance General Manager Murat Kayacı, Insurance Agencies Executive Committee (SAİK) President Hüseyin Kasap, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) General Manager Murat Hakseven, HDI Sigorta General Manager Ceyhan Hancıoğlu, Quick Sigorta CEO Levent Uluçeçen, Quick Sigorta General Manager Ahmet Yaşar, Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (DASK) General Secretary Serpil Öztürk, Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM) General Manager Yusuf Cemil Satoğlu, Insurance Arbitration Commission Manager İbrahim Taşbaşı, Assurance Account Manager Abdülkadir Küçük, TOBB (Association of Turkish Chambers and Stock Markets) Insurance Section Manager Mevlüt Söylemez, Risky Insurances Pool Manager Hilmi Karamercan, Turkey Insurance Agencies Federation (TÜSAF) President Murat Büyükçelebi, All Insurance Agencies Association (TUSİD) President İbrahim Sertel and Insurance Adjusters Association (SED) President Ahmet Nedim Eren.

Our general manager Mr. Murat Hakseven made a speech and informed the agencies. Hakseven stated as “SBM gathers the data and transforms the same to information.” General Manager also concluded that we have been working well to serve better to the insurance agencies which indeed have been the locomotive of the industry. Besides, Mr. Hakseven expressed that certain measures will be taken to prevent credit card frauds and the attempts to upgrade the agents to the cloud technology will be finalized in a close future.

The Corporations/Public Bodies Responded to the Questions of the Industry

The panel consisted of two parts and has been participated by all the insurance industry stakeholders.  Vice Undersecretary of the Treasury Dr. Ahmet Genç acted as the moderator of the panel. The panelists made presentations and provided information about the positions of their corporations/employing public bodies within the industry. The participating corporations (insurance companies and public bodies) have also responded to several questions in the second part of the panel which was held in q-a form.