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Sigorta Dünyası Magazine July 2015/7 - 07/08/2015

SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı's interview in "Sigorta Dünyası" magazine

Developed and launched in October last year by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), the mobile accident report application brings a great deal of convenience and time savings in creation of accident reports in traffic accidents with material damage.​

SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı stated that this application needs to get widespread as it lowers accident report creation times and brings convenience and time savings to citizens and insurance companies.​The institution established in 2003 under the name of Liability Insurance Information Center (TRAMER) with the goal of ensuring coherence in liability insurance transactions and increasing inspection effectiveness as well as preventing insurance fraud, and collecting liability and comprehensive coverage information at a single center, broadened the range of its operations and turned into Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) over the years. Currently SBM serves as a data warehouse and control center for the insurance sector in the liability insurance, comprehensive coverage, health and life insurance branches with tis sub units like TRAMER (Liability Insurance Information and Monitoring Center), SAGMER (Health Insurance Information and Monitoring Center) HAYMER (Life Insurance Information and Monitoring Center), HATMER (Insurance Claim Monitoring Center (SBM).

SBM serves the sector with hundred employees

With the advancement of technology; service diversity of SBM increases as well. SBM provides a wide variety of services mainly in the area of liability insurance and comprehensive coverage to consumers, insurance companies, insurance agencies and public offices. After the launch of TRAMER a number of technical problems like fake policies in liability insurance have been eliminated and insured rate increased significantly. SBM has currently reached a number of goals like collection at a single center, of data from different insurance branches, ensuring uniform practices across the sector, and creation of reliable statistics. With its team of around 100 professionals comprising mostly young employees, SBM serves its modern headquarters. 

Our guest in this issue is SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı, who as a dynamic executive who is devoted to his job from the heart, shared with us the services they offered to the sector and consumers as well as the advantages brought about them.

Creating the accident report on the cell phone 

Mobile Accident Report, the smart phone version of the accident report form for accidents with material damage, makes the report creation task very easy. All that is needed by the drivers is a smart phone and the downloaded mobile accident application. Aydın Satıcı summarized the convenience and advantages brought about the by the application as follows: "For accidents with material damage, it takes around 100 minutes on average to complete the accident report creation process if the drivers already have a form at hand and in most cases they don't so that takes extra time as well. Even if they have a form, they have to enter their ID number, license plate number, chassis number, and registration information manually in multiple fields on the form. All this process takes around 100 minutes on average. And the mobile accident report brings this period down to 10 minutes. Our main goal while developing this application was to minimize data entry during report creation. Our goal is to allow the user to complete all transactions on the smartphone by taking a picture, scanning a QR code, leaving a voice mail and singing the screen with a finger."​

"Signing the screen with a finger" 

With the mobile accident report, the users can create a profile after entering their information. This way the users don't have to enter information during report creation and this speeds up the process. Satici summarized the process as follows: 'Insurance companies print a QR code on the insurance policies. And the mobile accident report reads that QR code. The users have to take four pictures of the accident. Then when you scan the QR code on the policy, the required fields of the accident report are automatically filled and the driver doesn't need to enter any other information. They just record the scenario of the accident. They select on the screen, the spot where the vehicle was hit, and then they choose the accident scenario on the map and then the vehicle information is retrieved automatically. Let's say a truck and a car has collided, then a picture of a truck and picture of a car appear on the screen. The users then just have to set the direction of their vehicles on the screen. They can record their voice and tell how the accident happened. Then two signature fields appear on the screen and the drivers sign the screen with their fingers. This way the report in PDF format is sent to the e-mail addresses of both drivers." 

"No need for claim notification"

 Mobile Accident Report application brings convenience also with regard to claim notification. According to Satici, in most cases the beneficiary does not even have to send a claim notification to the insurance company: "Thanks to MKT, the insurance company can be notified about the accident immediately. Let's say two vehicles are involved in an accident, and the vehicles have 

liability and comprehensive coverage policies, and even if these four policies are made by four different companies, the moment drivers create the mobile accident report we learn about those four insurance companies. Even before the drivers leave the accident scene, the insurance companies are notified about the incident. Some insurance companies, after receiving notification from us, contact their beneficiaries directly and start the claim process."

"Time it takes to determine fault rate is brought down from 14 days to 3 days"

Mobile Accident Report also brings down the time it takes to determine fault rate and the time it takes to finalize the claim file significantly. Satici summarized the advantages of the mobile accident report in this regard as follows: "It takes two hours to complete the paper form and then you need to put all those documents in an envelope and send them to an agency directly or via a deliver service and it takes at least 24 hours for the documents to reach the insurance company. After they reach the insurance company, the personnel at the claim department has to manually enter all that information in the system. But now there's no need for any of these. With the new mobile accident report application, all information, pictures, audio recordings and location information are instantly sent to the SBM's system and the insurance company's system. Even before the beneficiary calls somebody, the insurance company calls him/her and gives him/her information about the claim process. And then the process starts for reviewing the accident report and determining the fault rates. It takes around 14 days to finalize the process and determine the fault rate with the paper form but with the mobile accident report application this time is brought down to three days and even down to one day in some cases."

Helping solve the traffic problem

One of the reasons behind the traffic problem in big cities is the traffic jam caused by accidents when the drivers don't move their vehicles until the accident report process is completed. Mobile Accident Report provides a solution to this problem as well. The new application both shortens the processing time and guides the drivers so that the traffic jam is removed quickly. After the photos of the accident are taken, a warning on the screen appears and says "please move your vehicle to the side of the road in order not to block the traffic" and then the process continues with another warning saying "if you have moved your car please press continue". Satici noted that in accidents with material damage the main reason for report creation to take too long is lack of knowledge and negligence and added: 'For instance the drivers either don't know that they don't have to wait for the police to arrive in case of an accident with material damage or they wait until they find an accident report form because they don't have one with them. And once they find the form they enter fill the form and those vehicles stay where they are, causing 

traffic jam. But even when using a paper form, they can move the vehicles aside after taking a picture and finish the process there. But we can't expect everyone to know this. There are currently 16 million liability insurance policies and it's not possible for each beneficiary to possess this information. But if they had the Mobile Accident Report application they could complete the transaction easily as the application provides them with step-by-step guidance. Especially because it lowers processing times, Mobile Accident Report will help eliminate the problem of traffic jams caused by accidents."

More versatile data to be collected regarding accidents ​

Another benefit of Mobile Accident Report is that it helps create reliable and rich statistical data regarding traffic accidents. Satici stated that there are around 850 thousand accidents with material damage taking place in Turkey every year, and said "If you assume that all these accidents are entered in the system using the Mobile Accident Report application, you'd have a broad range of data regarding accidents such as locations, times, accident causes, and vehicle types. Based on this data, it would be easier to determine the precautions needed to minimize accidents. It would tell you where you should place speed bumps, or traffic lights, or what's the reason for accidents on a certain street in Istanbul. These are the things that the Mobile Accident Report tells us and we share them with other parties. All local administrations, police stations, governors' offices can enter SBM website to see what accidents take place at what locations and take precautions accordingly."​​​​

"First of its kind in the world" but…

However the Mobile Accident Report application hasn't become so widespread yet, even though the application was launched in October last year, still only 1% of the accident reports for accidents with material damage are created using the application. Currently 700 accident reports are being created per month using the Mobile Accident Report. Until today, 400 thousand people downloaded the application. According to Aydın​ Satıcı, the reason behind this is lack of promotion of the Mobile Accident Report and that citizens are reluctant to use it, as it is the first of its kind. Satici said "However the users of the application are quite satisfied with it and they always thank us. One user said in his comment: 'It's an incredible application, we finished the whole process in only 10 minutes but it took one hour to convince the other person to use the application because he kept on saying such a thing wouldn't be possible in Turkey.' We argue our application to be the first of its kind in the world but its lack of popularity is a drawback. We wouldn't have these problems if it had been widespread in the world".

The success of the sector

Satici indicated that the Mobile Accident Report application is the result of the powerful electronic infrastructure of SBM and Turkish insurance industry and added that it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for this integrated infrastructure. Satici said: 'Organizations like SBM are rare in the world, and the existing ones don't have the instant data transfer feature. For instance UK's insurance industry is very advanced and that's a pioneering one and even there data reporting is on a weekly basis. With weekly reporting you don't have the opportunity to use real time mobile application anyway. In Turkey agencies, insurance companies and SBM work real-time. You should have this system in place in order for the Mobile Accident Report to work. Mobile Accident Report is not sufficient in itself, today anyone with some programming background can write the application. What matters is the integrated infrastructure of the industry and SBM, in other words it is the success of the sector. Today thanks to the ability to instantly collect non-life insurance policy information from 32 companies we are able to launch this application. For instance, the insurance companies are now able to see weather or not fraud exists before they create a liability insurance policy. All individual liability insurance policies are gathered at SBM. An insurance company can see from SBM's system, the total claim risk of the potential beneficiary before the policy is created. And that is made possible by the insurance company sending us real-time data. This is another example of how SBM's services benefit the industry."

Things you should know about claim inquiries using text messages

Another area where SBM has direct contact with the clients is the service whereby the beneficiaries can inquire about claim files using the SMS service. This way a total of 15 million inquiries are made per year. At this point we experience some problems with users which are basically due to lack of knowledge. Satici stated that with claim inquiry service, only information related to claim files in SBM's system can be provided and that a vehicle can also have some invisible damage as well and added that the beneficiaries should take this into account too. Satici said "The beneficiaries can inquire about the claim history of the vehicle via SBM in the process of buying a used vehicle. They just send an SMS to 5664 containing the license plate number of the vehicle and learn about the claim history of the vehicle. But there's one more thing to consider here, we only share the information we receive. I mean if the vehicle has been involved in an accident and we haven't received that information yet, we can't provide that information so we can only share the information we have. There may be cases where we haven't received the information yet or where it arrives late. For instance a car might be involved in an accident and that information may reach us 3 months later and in the mean time a citizen inquires the claim history of the vehicle and learns that it had no claim in the past. And after the accident information is entered in our system 3 months later, the vehicle turns into a vehicle with a claim in the past so the citizen starts to blame us for that."​

"The Vehicle might have claim that wasn't filed"​

Satici said that citizens are warned by the  notification saying "the information provided here are the information submitted by citizens to the SBM systems and this information is not used as official information" when the they make an inquiry using the SMS service, and said "In other words, when we tell you via 5664 that "this vehicle had two accidents in the past", it doesn't mean that the vehicle didn't have any other accidents in the past, it just means that the vehicle had "at least two accidents". What is for sure here is that the vehicle had at least two accidents in the past. There might be past accidents which were not recorded. For instance the vehicle might have been out of coverage for a time and might have had an accident the repair of which was paid for by the owner, so it wasn't recorded."

It's possible not to share claim history and to correct incorrect records

Some beneficiaries don't want their claim history to be visible. And in such a case SBM doesn't share their information with third parties. For this, the beneficiary has to apply to the insurance company and the insurance company has to send a written notification to SBM. In case of incorrect or missing information in SBM records regarding claim history, the vehicle owner has the right to object to it and have it corrected. Satici said the following about this: "The beneficiaries can file an objection in the section titled "5664 Claim Objection Form" of the "Online Transactions" step of the main menu of That form is sent to the insurance company, and if the objection is found to be correct, the insurance company is required to correct that information within at most 7 business days. We also have a contact form on our system, every beneficiary can log in and contact us about any request, problem, or objection he/she might have. We will definitely respond to that."

What's the status of my policy? Where is the nearest agent?

SBMs Mobile Insurance Inquiry application as well brings convenience to beneficiaries. The beneficiaries can inquire about the latest status of their policy using the application. They can find out where the closest agent is and locate it on the map. In addition they can learn about the fault rates in the accident report and see the average monthly premiums for the liability insurance. Aydın Satıcı also said the following about the application: "Now we are able to send SMS to the relevant parties the moment fault rates are determined in the accident reports". The beneficiaries don't have to send inquires to learn about their fault rates. We have great technological tools at hand, today there are 60 million cell phones in Turkey and 30-35 million of them are smart phones. Turkish society is now using technology heavily. We have to use it in insurance sector as well and applications like mobile accident report and mobile insurance inquiry are technological tools that would ease our lives. One of the other applications on our website is the new application that allows you to check out the premium levels for liability insurance policies. With this application, the beneficiaries can list information such as vehicle make and model, city, and insurance level, regarding policies created during the last 30 days  and can see maximum and minimum premiums for different companies. And that's a very useful information."​​

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