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Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) introduces the newly added features of Mobile Accident Report application.

With the new "shake it feature", two or more drivers involved in the accident can now transfer all their information to the system in real time just by shaking their phones.

Mobile Accident Report (MKT), which has carried accident reports to smart phones, has become a must-have for drivers with liability insurance and comprehensive coverage. The new application, which eliminates the need for paper forms and allows drivers to fill their accident reports conveniently and quickly on their smartphones, also minimizes traffic jams and time losses. The application, which became available on smart phones as of October 2014, renewed its interface in its second year. With the new features it offers, the mobile accident report minimizes accident-processing times.

What does the new MKT offer?

Mobile accident report which brings down to 5 minutes, the report creation process which otherwise takes 100 minutes with paper forms, simplifies the report filling process with its new features. The new features of the application are as follows:​

See the nearby accidents

You can now view the other nearby accidents with the accident intensity map of the application. Also, with the new feature, you can also access information about the nearby repair shops, insurance company or agent.

Only one transaction on each screen

The application offers a user-friendly interface. In the new version where screens are more simplified, only one transaction is completed on each screen, facilitating the report creation process for the user.

Messages guiding the user

Instruction on each screen of the application provides the user with all necessary information such as how accident photos should be taken and how each action will be completed during the report creation process.

Video recording feature

The newly added video feature allows users to record a short video of the accident scene in order to facilitate the accident analysis process. With the new video feature it is now possible to easily detect numerous details.

Information for all drivers can be entered

In the profile step of the current version of the mobile accident report only beneficiary information can be entered. However with the new version, users can now enter all driver information, driver's license scans and registration scans. This way, all drivers need to do after an accident is to write accident comments and draw a scenario.

'Shake it' and fill in the form automatically

If both drivers involved in the accident have MKT application on their smartphones and have already created their profile, thanks to the new profile sharing feature, all they'd have to do is to shake their phones mutually to transfer all data to the system. This way all information is transferred to the other smartphone, minimizing the report creation process.​

Draw a sketch of the accident

With the new scenario-sketching feature, it is not much easier to give a depiction of the accident. The user first selects the road type where the accident took place from among 8 different road types after which vehicles are placed on this scenario to give a depiction of the accident moment. Users can also add traffic signs, if there are any, on the scenario easily.

​Approval and Change Screen:

After entering all required information drivers can now verify the information they entered on the Approval and Change screen and can access the relevant screen quickly when a change is necessary.

Much shorter report creation time

SBM CEO Aydın Satıcı indicated that the Mobile Accident Report application is now much faster with its new features and that the advanced profile feature of the application has minimized the number of steps in the process and shortened the report creation times to a great extent. Satıcı gave the following information about the new features: "The main purpose of SBM while developing the application was to minimize the steps required for data entry. Our goal was to enable the user to complete the process by taking pictures, scanning QR codes, leaving voice messages, signing the screen with the finger or recording videos without having to enter data manually. We achieved that goal with the new version. The most exciting feature of the new mobile accident report is the "Profile Sharing" feature. This feature will minimize report creation times and prevent traffic jams." Satıcı stated that around 800 accident reports per month are currently created online using the MKT application and around 540 thousand people have downloaded the application on their smart phones until today.​

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