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Fortune Türkiye - 01/08/2017

Fortune Türkiye news about Murat Hakseven’s Appointment

The anticipated appointment for the office of Managing Director at Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) has been made in July and Murat Hakseven replaced Aydin Satıcı as the new general manager of SBM.

Hakseven who completed his graduate degree at the Production Management Department of Business School of İstanbul University after graduating from the Department of Computer Sciences of Yıldız Technical University, started his professional career in the information technologies area of the banking industry. He worked in different positions in state and private enterprises including such as the positions of network specialist, system analyst, database manager, software specialist, project manager, information technologies department head, and software and business development director. In addition to serving in senior management positions, he also carried out academic studies in the areas of Software Reliability Models and Software Development Methodologies.

Hakseven took office in July 2009 as Assistant General Manager in Charge of Operations Group at Bileşim A.Ş. Recently, Mr. Hakseven served as Assistant General Manager in Charge of Information Technologies Group at Bileşim A.Ş. Hakseven is highly fluent in English.

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