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Best Magazine August 2016 - 01/09/2016

SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı shared SBM's new applications and plans with Best Magazine.

​SBM's Application Detected 150 Million TL Worth Insurance Fraud in as short as 7 months​

Can you please tell us about the new applications and planned projects of SBM aimed at beneficiaries and insurance companies? What are your main areas of focus this year?

The main agenda item of August was that there will be premium refund in relation to 550 thousand beneficiaries and around 750 thousand policies. Beneficiaries that purchased policies during the period of June 2014 and October 2015 and had the right to no-claim discounts, had to purchase policies at the 4th grade instead of 6th or 7th grades because they didn't show their previous policies as reference and had the right to no-claim discount. So insurance companies will have to make refund to these beneficiaries. And SBM plays a very important role at this point. Insurance companies will complete reimbursements to bank accounts or credit cards of 550 thousand beneficiaries who are entitled to refund. Starting from August 12th, beneficiaries will be able to learn about to where their refunds were made from website and by installing the SBMobil application on their smartphones. Because we don't know the identities of 550 thousand people who are entitled to premium refund, we expect owners of 17 million policies to make this inquiry via SBM.

SBM carried out some preliminary work in this area. We signed protocols with most major banks and collected the bank account information of 550 thousand people who are entitled to refund and we shared this information with insurance companies.

As SBM, upon request from the Undersecretariat of Treasury, we're working on developing a new quote application. Currently there are quote applications that are used by insurance agents. For instance, an insurance broker works for 10 different insurance companies and has to get quotes from 10 different screens. We'll develop a new application that will allow brokers to get quotes from a single screen and brokers will use SBM's new quote application.

Mobile Accident Report app has been upgraded recently. What features does the new version offer and what benefits does it offer for the beneficiaries?

Mobile Accident Report app (MKT) is a first of its kind application in the world and we launched it for the first time in Turkey in October 2014. Over time we will get more experienced regarding user needs and make MKT much more user friendly. We collect data about usage patterns such as wait times on certain screens, and in light of that data, we upgraded MKT to make it more user-friendly and easier to understand. The new version of MKT which was launched in March 2016 is much more user friendly even for users that are not that tech savvy. Previous version had sound recording and photo shooting features and with the new one, users can shoot 30 second videos. We strongly recommend drivers to download and install MKT on their smartphones and have it ready on their phones prior to a possible accident. To speed up the process after an accident, MKT should be downloaded and a profile should be created in advance. If drivers upload their driver's license and registration photographs, TR ID numbers and license plate numbers to their profile in advance, it only takes 3 minutes to complete MKT. With the previous version it took 10 minutes but now it is down to 3 minutes depending on new features and driver profile.

"We recommend drivers first to download MKT in case of an accident"

The most exciting feature of new version of MKT is the "profile sharing" feature. While with the pervious version it was possible to retrieve profile information on the phone where the form is created, with the new version, regardless of the number of vehicles involved in the accident, if the other drivers have the app on their phones, all they need to do is to shake their phones to share information between phones. We believe that this feature will prevent traffic jams caused by accidents with material damage to a great extent. Also the new version also offers sketching screens, which provide a great deal of convenience to drivers. Drivers can also test the app with a fake accident on the new version. In order to see how the app works, we highly recommend drivers to do a test form creation.

What are SBMs projects with regard to insurance fraud? You told us that artificial intelligence technology that could learn was used in the software developed for preventing fraud. Can you please tell us about it?

"Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) Managing Director Aydın Satıcı: Fraud detection rate of the system we used for detecting insurance fraud increased 3-4 folds after switching to the analytical model. We're now using the power of this technology more actively."

With the SAS Fraud Framework for Insurance Tool, which SBM uses to detect fraud, we detected 150 million TL worth of fraud in as short as 7 months. This application analyzes information like actions of beneficiaries; documents like accident reports, expert reports, repair and maintenance reports; to come up with scoring using certain analytical models. This system also has self-learning capabilities. Beneficiaries, repair centers, brokers and claim files are all gathered in a single network. If, within this network, one of the parties has a high fraud score, this automatically increases the score of the other party. And we share this score with insurance companies on a daily basis. And based on the results, the insurance companies look at the claim file from a different perspective and analyze the file in more detail.

We gathered a significant amount of data in a year and based on the fraud cases that are detected, the system is now able to learn which files in which circumstances or which accidents are fraud. This year, we upgraded the model we established. Our fraud detection rate increased 3-4 times after switching to the analytical model. And we're now using the power of this technology more actively.

SBM is known as the technology powerhouse of the insurance industry and you won a championship at inovaLig last year. Can you please tell us about that process? Do you think the sector follows the developments in the sector closely enough?

InnovaLig process started with the application made by our Corporate Communication Specialist Ceylin Berköz. After the initial application, she filled out the Innovation assessment survey, which was also filled out by a total of 488 companies, and we entered among the top 250 companies. After that, A.T. Kearney, which is the company that administered the survey and managed the whole process, selected 50 semi-finalists and after that in the presence of the jury comprising leading names in the industry in Turkey, we made a presentation about SBM. In the next step, the consultancy company made an inspection at SBM to figure out how much the answers we provided matched the situation in real life and they gave SBM a score based on that inspection and we entered among the 10 finalists. It's been a great source of pride for us to receive the championship award at InovaLIG competition where leading local and international companies competed.

We actually received an award in the category of innovation life cycle, which is normally a very tough process for most companies. If you look at most of the products we've developed, you see there 's an only 2-month period between the idea generation stage and project implementation stage. And last year, we received the SAP integration award from SAP.

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