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Para Şemsiye Magazine - 13/12/2015

Para Şemsiye Magazine News

​Developing dedicated technological applications for the beneficiaries and the insurance industry, SBM became the champion in the "Innovation Life Cycle" category at InovaLIG.

Developing applications that ease the lives of beneficiaries and the insurance industry, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) won the championship award in the "Innovation Life Cycle" category at the competition held as part of Turkey Innovation Week organized by Turkish Exporters Assembly and the Ministry of Economics, leaving behind the leading brands of Turkey at the competition.​

SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı receiving the championship award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı received the championship award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Satıcı stated that the award they won changed the general misconception that their industry is not innovative and said "Contrary to common view, we've now proven to whole Turkey that we are a pioneering organization in the area of innovation. Our industry is a leader in bringing to life novel ideas, in developing first-of-its-kind applications in the world and in innovation."​

The new era of "Pay only as much as you use"

Aydın Satıcı​​ stated that the new era of "pay only as much as you use" will start with the new telematics systems to be installed in the vehicles, and indicated that with this application, they will share data created by vehicles with the insurance companies. Satici stated that insurance companies will offer discounts to good drivers.

We're speeding up insurance transactions

Satıcı outlined some of the benefits they offer beneficiaries as follows: "Our citizens can follow up their policies on e-devlet website. And as the fault-rates in accident reports are determined or change, beneficiaries are notified via SMS and e-mail. In case of any accident with material damage, the Mobile Accident Report application speeds up the report creation and processing times 10 times. At the same time, with this application we can notify the insurance companies right away, which in turn speeds up the claim filing and reimbursement process. With this ability to fill the accident report quickly, we also help minimize traffic jams caused by accidents."

5664 To Remind Liability Insurance Renewals

SBM's inquiry service 5664 allows the users to make instant inquiries about claim policy, accident report, detail, part, and deceased beneficiary. Aydın Satıcı stated that in addition to this information, which the users can receive via SMS, they've also commissioned a new "reminder" service. Satıcı stated that currently they have the reminder service only in liability insurance and said the following about the content of the service: "The beneficiary sends the expiry date of his liability insurance policy to our center via SMS. And 30 days before the policy expiry date, our system sends a notification to the beneficiary via SMS. If the policy is not renewed during that the beneficiary is reminded once again 5 days before the policy expiry date." To use this service, the beneficiary needs to send an SMS that writes 'HATIRLAT space LICENCE PLATE NUMBER' to 5664.

Mobile Accident Report is being Updated

In November, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) held a 4-year review meeting. During the meeting, information on the latest applications by SBM, which now has total annual transaction level of 4 billion, was provided as well. SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı who stated that the design of Mobile Application Report is renewed indicated that the application will be live with its new design during the first quarter of 2016. Satici also mentioned that the new Mobile Accident Report will be much easier to use thanks to its improved profile and added that the application will also feature video recording and advanced scenario-drawing capabilities. The updated Mobile Accident Report will also provide information on the nearby hospitals, pharmacies and repair&service centers to the users.​

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