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Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) General Manager Aydın Satıcı stated that they proved the progress made by the insurance industry in innovation with the award they won at the contest. Satıcı emphasized that they became the champion in the "Innovation Life Cycle" category and said "Contrary to common view, we proved to whole Turkey that we pioneer the industry in terms of innovation. Our industry is a leader in terms of developing first-of-its kind and innovative applications and bringing new ideas to life quickly."

Satıcı stated that one should look at this achievement as the success of the sector as a whole and said "From idea generation up to budgeting and commissioning, the insurance industry as a whole is involved in every stage of innovation".

Satıcı said "I see this award we received as all our investments for making innovation a life style and creating an innovative work culture being crowned by a very valuable organization and respectable jury", and added that being selected as the champion by a distinctive jury made the award they won more meaningful and valuable.

The building blocks of success: a single team, a single mind and a single heart

Satıcı said "In addition to being awarded the number one place in innovation by the jury, receiving this award directly from our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been an additional source of pride and joy. Thus, I'd like to thank our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our Minister of Economy and TIM's president for maximizing our pride and joy."

Satıcı also expressed his gratitude to senior management professionals of the sector and continued as follows: "I'd like to express my gratitude to my valuable, self-sacrificing, hard working and agile colleagues in SBM. This award is the result of the whole sector working as a single team, a single mind and a single heart."

Executives can now Monitor the Sector in real time

Satıcı stated that, with the applications they develop, they serve both the beneficiaries and the industry as a whole and added that with the reporting solutions they offer to the sector, top executives and decision makers in the sector can monitor the sector in real time and shape their strategies accordingly. Satıcı said "With the dashboard Kokpit application that encompasses all branches, all senior executives can now analyze the sector instantly from their smart phones or tablets. Every product and service we offer to the beneficiaries means improved customer satisfaction, faster transaction times and more benefits for the sector as a whole."

We're speeding up our insurance services

Satıcı stated that they developed solutions for citizens and beneficiaries that ease their lives, make insurance transactions easier, faster and smoother and benefits the public as a whole and ensures public safety. Satıcı outlined some of the benefits they offer to citizens as follows: "Our citizens can now follow up their insurance policies via e-devlet. As fault-rates in accident reports are determined or changed, they are shared instantly with beneficiaries via SMS or e-mail. With claim cases with material damage, claim transactions are completed 10 times faster compared to past thanks to the Mobile Accident Report application. In addition, we also ensure that insurance companies are notified immediately and claim payments are made as quickly as possible. With the Mobile Accident Report application, which allows beneficiaries to prepare accident reports quickly, we minimize traffic jams caused by accidents. Because we keep location-based traffic accident statistics, we help relevant authorities to take measures to minimize accidents at locations where accidents are prevalent based on our statistics. This way we'll help minimize traffic accidents. Also, our citizens can now easily access via SMS claim history and replaced part information related to second hand vehicles to make more informed buying decisions. 5664 SMS Claim Inquiry Service provides a valuable public service."​

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