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News from Press About SBM Applications


Downloaded over 500.000 times

We love to learn about accidents on our mobile phones

The mobile accident report application, which allows drivers to create accident reports online, attracts a great deal of attention from drivers.

Developed and launched for the first time in the world, by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), the "Mobile Accident Report" application allows users to create their accident reports online using their smartphones conveniently and quickly. The new application eliminates the need for pen and paper to create a report after an accident and allows users access their policy information and send the completed report to their insurance companies instantly online. Once the user enters his/her TR ID number, all required fields of the report form are instantly filled. With the application one can also automatically determine the exact location of the accident.

This way, the report creation time, which was previously 1 hour on average, is brought down to 10 minutes while the report processing time, which was 13 days on average, is brought down to 3 days. Drivers who can now complete the process quickly and conveniently showed great interest in the application and downloaded it for over 500.000 times.​


Will the Telematics device bring down premiums?

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) is working on the new telematics device which will be used in liability insurance and allow beneficiaries to pay only as much as they use. The new telematics device to be installed in vehicles will help distinguish between good and bad drivers and generate and store data such as driver habits or speed limit violations. And this data will be scored at SBM and will be shared with insurance companies. This way insurance companies will be able to offer discounted premiums to their beneficiaries who have good driving history. The device will also help figure out weather or not the vehicle is in traffic. And with a relevant change in legislation, the companies will be able to offer weekly or monthly products.​


Insurance Inquiry System "Sigortam360" is live now

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) launched the new "" website which carries all 5664 inquiries to the web. The new website aims to bring convenience to beneficiaries in making inquiries about "vehicle damage, vehicle detail, replaced part". In order to use and make inquiries, one needs to sign up as a member on the website and buy a membership package, after which the user can make inquires using license plate number or vehicle chassis number., which is available on mobile as well, charges 4 TL per inquiry as part of the package purchased.


Mobile accident report lowers accident-processing time down to 3 days

The Mobile Accident Report application developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) which lowers accident processing times from 13 days to 3 days both speeds up report creation process and saves the drivers from the hassle of finding pen and paper form. With the mobile accident report, which can be downloaded and installed on smartphones, it takes only 10 minutes to create an accident report. The new application eliminates the need to carry paper forms in the vehicle and saves time by sending the report instantly to insurance companies, speeds up report filling process, minimizes errors in filling the form by means of instructions in the application, brings down accident processing times and allows users to retrieve their policy information quickly and follow up their fault rates online conveniently using QR Codes on policies.​

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