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Posta Newspaper November 2016 - 14/11/2016

Mobile Accident Report App coverage of Posta Newspaper!

​​​​Are you involved in an accident?

Prepare your report in 5 minutes, have it processed in 2 days

Thanks to the Mobile Accident Report which is developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) report creation time has been reduced from 100 minutes to 5 minutes and claim-processing time has been reduced from 12 days to 2 days.

One of the biggest hurdles of an accident is the preparation of an accident for sure...But with the Mobile Accident Report application developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) it's now very easy to create an accident report. The new Mobile Accident Report (MKT) app allows drivers to crea​te their accident reports conveniently and quickly without the need for pen and paper form. The new application which was started in 2014 and updated with new features this year prevents traffic jams after an accident and also saves time. All you need to do to start using the application is to have an iOS or Android smartphone and to download and install the app on your phone.​

The app is used most frequently in İstanbul and least in Kilis​

Top 5 cities using MKT:

  • İstanbul
  • Hatay
  • Ankara
  • Antalya
  • Osmaniye

Cities with least usage of MKT:

  • Kilis
  • Tunceli
  • Muş
  • Iğdır
  • Bitlis

Thanks to the Mobile Accident Report App which won an award in the “Most Innovative App” category at Stevie Awards, a driver in Hatay filled his accident report in only 1.62 minutes.

What can you do with it?

First off, the Mobile Accident Report asks you to upload at least four accident pictures. And then you need to enter the policy information in the system. It allows you to save your policy information in the system and this way you don't have to enter your policy information every time. In the new version, you can enter, in addition to policy information, all driver information, drivers' license photos and registration photos in the system. This way all there's left to do after an accident is to write a verbal description of the accident and to draw a scenario of the accident. And with the profile-sharing feature, if the drivers involved in the accident have MKT on their phones and have created their profiles in advance, all they need to do to transmit their information to the system is to shake their phones (shake it feature). This way all information is automatically shared with the other phone allowing the form to be filled in the shortest time possible.

The app also allows the drivers to make a sound recording to give a verbal description of the accident. Drivers can also make a short video recording of the accident scene and depict the accident by drawing a sketch on the screen.

With the app, drivers are able to verify the information they entered on the Changes/Approval screen and can quickly access the necessary screen if a change is need. The whole process is completed with both drivers signing the screen with their fingers, after which an SMS is sent to their phones. Drivers also receive a PDF copy of the accident report they create with the app. Insurance companies of both drivers are informed instantly and the insurance companies start the claim process immediately.

No more time loss!

  • No need to carry a paper accident report form.
  • No time loss as the report is instantly shared with the insurance companies.
  • Allows faster report creation with less information.
  • Directions provided in the app minimize incorrect entries.
  • The app minimizes claim-processing times.
  • QR code allows quick access to policy information.
  • ​Allows drivers to access final fault-rates online.
  • Allows drivers to follow up accident report status via the mobile app.
  • Prevents traffic jams as it minimizes report creation times.​

You don't need to panic after an accident!

After an accident with material damage, you normally panic, not knowing what to do next which increases your chances of doing things wrong with all the stress of the situation. In the old days, you had to wait for the police to arrive after an accident, and this would have resulted in traffic jams. However, later the paper Accident Report Form (KKT) allowed drivers to take pictures of the damaged vehicles, if any, and fill the KKT form and then to leave the accident scene peacefully after shaking hands. In light of the comments and other information given in this report, fault rates are determined by the system quickly and sent to insurance companies in a very a short time. This system was exploited by some beneficiaries. Some of them created fake reports between family members to get the insurance companies pay for the repairs of previously damaged parts of vehicles. If the claimed material damages are true and there's no fraud then there's no problem for the insurance companies. And they would reimburse your damage right away. Technology is advancing rapidly. People of all ages can now benefit from these advantages to the extent they like. And in order to improve beneficiary satisfaction the insurance companies now introduce numerous solutions using technological innovations. And with the applications it develops, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) offers a great deal of ease for beneficiaries. After opening their official web page on you can enter your TR ID number to retrieve your policy or to get a liability insurance quote. And if you have a smart phone, you can download the Mobile Accident Report application free of charge. And by entering your information and creating a profile you can easily complete the whole process quickly after an accident just by retrieving your profile information. After an accident, you may not have a paper form or pen at your disposal. Because your location information is instantly shared with the center once you open the Mobile Accident Report app, insurance company can contact you and help you quickly. When you enter your accident information using the Mobile Accident Report app, you will be saving at least 3 days. Because SBM will start the claim process right away you will need less time to complete the repair of your vehicle. In summary, just download and install the Mobile Accident Report app and keep it ready on your phone because you never know when an accident might happen. Well we hope it never happens but you better take your precaution in advance!​

​Mobile Accident Report app should be on every driver's phone

Sevil Sakızcı / Age: 30 – Teacher

I've been driving for 2 years. Thank God I haven't had an accident until now. But you never know when it might happen. And I downloaded and installed the Mobile Accident Report app on my phone. I heard about the app through a friend of mine. And she told me how to use it and how quick and convenient it is. She also told me that with a conventional paper form, a claim file is finalized in 2 weeks while with this mobile app it only takes three days and that it can be filled very quickly. So I thought such an app offering such great deal of convenience should be on everyone's phone and so I downloaded it.

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