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Anadolu Ajansı - 21.09.2015 - 21/09/2015

Anadolu Ajansı Mobile Accident Report news


The new 'mobile accident report' application which allows preparation of accident reports electronically on smart phones was downloaded over 425.000 times.

Developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) the new application allows preparation of accident reports electronically on smart phones and the application was downloaded over 425.000 times in only one year.

According to the information received by AA correspondent from SBM officials, the mobile accident report application that allows beneficiaries to prepare accident reports, which were being prepared in paper form since April 2008, on smart phones is a first in the world.

With this new system which was launched in October last year and completed its one year, the drivers now can prepare their accident reports much more conveniently and quickly on their smart phones.

With this new application brought to life in line with the circular issued by the General Directorate of Insurance of the Deputy Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry, the accident reports can now be prepared in as short as 10 minutes and are legally valid for use by public offices and insurance companies.

Over 425.000 downloads

Having completed its first year, the mobile accident report application was downloaded over 240 thousand times for Android systems and over 185 thousand times for IOS systems.

The application has been used in over 7.100 accidents until today. The application, which was used at least once in 77 cities, was never used in Ardahan, Kilis, Muş and Siirt. The cities where the application was used most frequently were İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, İzmir and Manisa.

During this period the shortest report creation time was 5,5 minutes. And the shortest time for finalizing fault rates was 10 minutes.

85% of the users of mobile accident report were male. 35% of the drivers who prepared a mobile accident report were in the 26-35 age group.

The most frequently observed accident type was hitting from the rear, which had a share of 18%. It was followed by being hit when parked which had a share of 17%. 61% of the vehicles indicated in the accident reports were automobiles while 23% of them were in the trucks category.​

The New Application Brings Many Advantages

With the new application installed on smart phones which eliminates the need for pen and paper for preparing accident reports, the users can now prepare their accident reports at the incident site and access their insurance policy information and share the report with insurance companies instantly.

The application, upon determination of fault rates for the accident, also sends an SMS to the user's cell phone with information regarding fault rates of the parties.

With the mobile accident report application users can also view accident locations online. Based on the accident reports prepared in the past, the drivers can observe on the accident intensity map, where accidents take place most frequently.

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