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Dünya Newspaper and Sigorta Şikayeti - 24.12.2015 - 24/12/2015

Can Kantar Dünya Newspaper and Sigorta Şikayeti news

As the insurance industry swirls around liability insurances which is the vicious circle of the sector, as I mentioned in my previous article, one incident went unnoticed...

And I wanted to bring it back to the agenda, as I don't want it to go unnoticed. And also I'm a little tired of writing about liability insurance. So I wanted to give a one-week break.

Since it was founded, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, also known as SBM, made great achievements. The sector's database, which received many awards since it was established for the first time as Liability Insurance Center (TRAMER) continued its way as SBM after that. Sharing with the industry, the data it collects, SBM brings great benefits to the insurance companies by translating these data correctly. We can say that SBM is the 'data warehouse' of the industry. It's an incredible data source.

In addition to creating different methods for correct translation of data, SBM also chases innovation non-stop. SBM team works on a number of projects. They even joined some competitions with some of these projects.​


SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı and his team made a great achievement and became the champion at the InovaLIG competition organized as part of Turkey Innovation Week, which was organized by Turkish Exporters' Assembly and the Ministry of Economy. Leaving behind the leading brands of Turkey, SBM became the champion in the "Innovation Life Cycle" category.

At the award ceremony held at ICC Istanbul Convention Center, SBM General Manager ​Aydın Satıcı received the award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Next year, SBM will represent Turkey at the international innovation contest  "International IMP³rove Award". In addition, with Mobile Accident Report and 5664 Part inquiry service, SBM will join "The GSMA's Global Mobile Awards" competition. SBM, while chasing awards, also continues to work on new projects that will ease life for the sector.

"Great support from the industry"

SBM is now working on its new system Telematiks whereby usage periods of vehicles are recorded to allow those using their vehicles less frequently to pay less premium. SBM also aims to detect insurance fraud with a software and a dedicated team. The organization also works on a number of other projects such as the one it carries out in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and General Directorate of Security and gives the ability to contact quickly the victims with physical damage who have liability insurance.

I interview​ed with SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı​​. He is a very humble person. He said, "If it wasn't for TSB and the Treasury's support, we couldn't have made these achievements. The industry gives us great support. We receive these awards on behalf of the industry. Also, we are constantly in touch with the IT managers of the companies in the sector. All these innovative ideas make contributions. I and my team, we only work on bringing these projects to life". And I wish them success in the future too.​​

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