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SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı's interview on "Sigorta Şikayeti" web site and "Hayatımız Sigortalı" magazine


SMS Claim Inquiry (Otokontrol 5664), the new SMS service by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center for retrieving claim history for used vehicles provided information about accident date, claim amount and cause of accident.

When we buy a vehicle, we do some research about make, model and fuel type. And the most important question in our minds would be "Should I buy a used car or a new one?". And when we decide to go with a used car, we make a detailed research on things like the brakes of the car, its steering wheel, its engine etc. to make sure that it doesn't cause any expensive repairs in the future. And at this point one more question pops up in our minds: What if it has a claim history?

Researching about vehicle claim history is a frequently used way of avoiding unpleasant surprises in used car trade. The buyer and the seller would like to learn from reliable sources, weather or not the vehicle in question has a claim history or weather or not the vehicle has been involved in an accident. And this is where Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) comes into the picture. With the SMS Claim Inquiry (Otokontrol 5664) SMS service developed by SBM, users can find out when and how a vehicle was involved in an accident. SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı stated that with SMS Claim Inquiry application, information like applications for liability insurance or comprehensive coverage and claims paid. Satıcı added that it is sufficient for users just to send an SMS to 5664 including the license plate number of the vehicle to make an inquiry.

Satıcı stated that with claim inquiry service, users can learn about the past claims paid for a certain vehicle and said "As a result of the inquiry, information like date of accident, claim amount, cause of accident and heavy damage details if there's heavy damage in the vehicle". Being reminded that the system which initially reports no past claims for a certain vehicle can, in some cases, report past claims after a second inquiry made after a certain amount of time, Satıcı​ said "Information we provide via our service is based on data provided by the insurance companies. At this point, you can contact the relevant insurance company to have the claim information corrected or file an objection via the Claim Information Correction (Otokontrol 5664) application on our Center's website".

Objections finalized in 7 business days

Giving information about the objection process, Satıcı said such objections are reviewed by insurance companies and are finalized within 7 business days. Satıcı said "The insurance company reviewing the objection makes the necessary corrections. And when an objection is filed via the Claim Information Correction (Otokontrol 5664) application, the objection is sent directly to the relevant insurance company. And if the objection is considered to be correct, then the insurance company makes the necessary correction in 7 business days and notifies our center electronically. If the objection is rejected, then the insurance company reports the justification electronically to us. And this report is shared with the applicant making the inquiry within one business day".

What services are provided?

To use the SMS Claim Inquiry (5664) service, the user needs to send and SMS to 5664 including the license plate number of the vehicle in question. Fee for the service is 5 TL per SMS. Following are the topics about which users can make inquiries:

  1. To learn about the replaced parts with ERP (Expert Report), you can make inquiries by sending an SMS to 5664 with the following text: PARCA space LICENSE PLATE NUMBE space CLAIM DATE.
  2. And to learn about the make and model of the vehicle, weather or not the license plate was replaced, in which cities it was registered, weather or not there's been vehicle type change, weather or not it has an effective comprehensive coverage, total time it was under coverage and total time it was without coverage, send an SMS to 5664 with the following text: DETAY space LICENSE PLATE NUMBER.
  3. For Accident Report (KTT) inquiries, send an SMS to 5664 with the following text to learn about the fault rates of those involved in an accident: KTT space LICENSE PLATE NUMBER.
  4. You can also learn weather or not your liability insurance or comprehensive coverage policy is effective by sending an SMSM to 5664. You can also learn when your policy expires and the no-claim discount rate applied to your policy. To inquire about the policy information, send an SMS to 5664 with the following text: TRAFIK or KASKO space LICENSE PLATE NUMBER.
  5. To learn which insurance company will pay for the claim and to inquire about claim file number, send an SMS to 5664 with the following text: MAGDUR space TR ID NUMBER. This way you can easily learn the claim file number that allows you to track your claim processing.


Number of vehicles in traffic exceeds 19 million

Based on June 2015 'Motor Vehicle' statistics prepared by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), as of the end of June, of the 19.407.326 registered motor vehicles, 52,7% are automobiles 16,3% are  pickups, 14,9 are motorbikes, 8,5% are tractors, 4,1% are trucks, 2,2% are minibuses, 1,1 are buses and 0,2% are special purpose vehicles.

1.5 million second-hand cars

As of the end of April 2015, total market for second-hand cars in Turkey increased by 26,9 and reached 2.104.628. The same figure was 1.657.866 during the same period last year. By the end of April 2015, total market size for second hand automobiles and commercial vehicles increased by 27,7% and reached 1.943.974. Automobile market ranked number one with a share of 75% and 1.458.551 cars.

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