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Dünya Newspaper - 18.5.2016 - 18/05/2016

SBM Managing Director Aydın Satıcı's Interview with Dünya Newspaper

Aydın Satıcı, Managing Director of Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) which became Turkey's champion in the "Innovation Cycle" category in the InovaLiG competition organized by TIM said "Innovation has become an indispensible aspect of our corporate culture and the way we conduct business".

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) which was established under the name "TRAMER" as per the Liability Insurance Information Center Bylaw published in Official Newspaper dated 2003 and numbered 25318 is a legal entity under Insurance Association of Turkey. As the insurance system in Turkey moves forward with assured steps to the level it deserves, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), dedicated to be on the side of the beneficiary and the insurance company, continues to support the system with innovative projects using all its resources in collaboration with all stakeholders of the sector. By collecting all insurance policies and related data in its systems, the company continuously monitors the system to protect the interests and rights of insurance companies and the public. One of the major functions of the center is "to prevent fraud and to try to increase insurance rate". In addition, the center serves 62 insurance companies, 32 thousands agents and bank branches, 1800 experts, 45 thousand registered users, brokers and millions of beneficiaries. With its motto of "Every insurance policy is guarantee for a secure, healthy, peaceful, happy and joyful life", Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) became Turkey's champion in the "Innovation Cycle" category of InovaLIG competition organized by TIM that selects the innovation champions of Turkey in 5 different categories. With SBM Managing Director Aydın Satıcı, we talked about the progress made by SBM as well as about SBM's innovation approach.

What made you decide to enter İnovaLİG program?

What encouraged us to join this program was the fact that our organization fulfilled its role effectively as "the technology and innovation hub of the insurance industry" as reflected in its vision and the continuous positive feedback we receive from the insurance industry and beneficiaries regarding the services we provide. We decided to join this program because we believed that our organization would be successful in the InovaLIG program because of the maturity of SBM's organization, size of the investment it makes in technology and human, quality of its human resources, its speed of adaptation to new technology and ideas, its work culture designed for agile approach, precision of its business processes managed in electronic environment, fully automated testing processes, and its full compliance with standards like COBIT, CMMI, ITIL and ISO 27001.

What contributions has your participation in InovaLIG program made to your organization and the development of your organization culture?

We worked hard to develop especially innovation projects for the insurance industry and create a fully automated high speed life cycle for this development process. Our main principle was to motivate our employees to develop new ideas. We are so happy to see all our efforts being crowned like this with such a meaningful award. During the evaluation process of the İnovaLİG program, we had to re-check all our innovation-related processes once again. Reviewing all our processes and re-evaluating success criteria with all our employees improved awareness and motivation of all members of our organization. During the evaluation process, all employees worked with due diligence and strived to do their jobs better. And winning the championship award served to boost the motivation of all our employees.

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