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Para Şemsiye Magazine July 2016 - 17/07/2016

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) recently commissioned new features of the mobile accident report application.

With its simplified interface, and thanks to the "shake it" feature, the application now allows one or more drivers involved in an accident to transfer their profile information to the system automatically just by shaking their phones. The mobile accident report application (MKT) which has brought accident reports to the mobile platforms has become a must-have for the drivers that have liability insurance and comprehensive coverage policies. The new application which allows users to fill their accident reports electronically without needing any pen or paper form, prevents traffic jams and saves time. The application which entered the mobile phones of drivers in October, renewed its face in its second year. With its new features, the mobile accident report minimizes accident and claim processing times.

Less traffic jam

SBM CEO Aydin Satici stated that mobile accident report doubled its speed with its new features and that the advanced profile retrieval feature of the application has minimized the number of tasks to be completed in case of an accident and has shortened report creation times. Satici stated the following about the new features of the application: "SBM's main goal during the application development process was to minimize data entry at the time of report creation. Our goal was to allow the user to complete the process just by taking a picture, scanning a QR code, leaving a voice message, signing the screen with the finger or shooting a video, without having to enter data manually. And we've achieved this in the new version. The most exciting feature of the new mobile accident report is the "Profile Sharing" feature. With this feature, report creation times and resulting traffic jams are minimized to a great extent." Satici also added that with MKT, around 800 accident reports are created every month and 540 thousand people have downloaded the application until today.

What are the new features?

Mobile accident report which brings report creation times down to 5 minutes which was previously 100 minutes with paper forms, simplifies the report creation process. The new features of the updated version are as follows:

See other nearby accidents: With the new accident intensity map, you can now see other nearby accidents. Also, with the new application you can easily find the nearby repair service, insurance company or agency.

Single action on every screen: In the new application where screens are simplified, users now complete only a single action on each screen. This simplifies the report creation process to a great extent.

Messages guide the user: Messages that provide directions to the driver, give all kinds of required information to the user such as how accident photos should be taken or how to complete certain tasks.

Shoot a video of the accident scene: The newly added video feature allows the user to shoot a short video of the accident scene.

Information of all users can be entered: With the current MKT version, only beneficiary information can be entered in the profile step, however in the new version, all driver information, driver's license pictures and registration pictures can be entered.

"Shake it" feature retrieves all information automatically: With the Profile Sharing Feature, all drivers need to do is to shake their phones to transfer the information to the system if they have already installed MKT on their phones and created a profile. This way all information is transferred automatically to the other phone.

Draw a sketch of the accident: On the new scenario-sketching screen, the user first selects 8 road types where accidents happen most frequently and then places the vehicles on this sketch to create a realistic scenario of the accident moment.

Change/ approval screen: After all information is entered, drivers can now verify all information they entered on the Change/approval screen and can easily access the relevant screen if they need to make a change.​

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