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Hayatımız Sigortalı June 2016 - 1.6.2016 - 01/06/2016

SBM Managing Director Aydın Satıcı joined SEGEM 5th National Insurance Symposium held on 23/05/2016.

Telematics device will lower insurance premiums by half

Having provided detailed information about the "Telematics project" which is currently underway, during the 1st session of the symposium, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) Managing Director Aydın Satıcı stated that vehicle owners will be able to secure lower premiums for their policies thanks to the telematics devices to be installed on their vehicles. Satıcı stated that telematics system is used widely in USA and Europe and that looking at the examples abroad, one can observe premium discounts of up to 15-50% for the premiums paid by vehicle owners.

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