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Hayatımız Sigortalı Magazine November 2016 - 04/11/2016

Executives from Insurance companies and banks gathered at the Digital Bancasurrance Turkey and Global 2016 Summit. SBM CEO Aydın Satıcı joined the summit as a guest speaker.

A claim file can be processed in only 32 seconds

In his speech he delivered at the summit, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) CEO Aydın Satıcı underlined the importance of innovation in insurance sector. Satıcı said, “SBM’s establishment is an innovation in itself” and indicated that as SBM, they offer data, which is now more valuable than even oil, in the form of products that would benefit beneficiaries and insurance companies alike. Having provided information about the Mobile Accident Report application (MKT), Satıcı underlined the fact that there’s no other country in the world that utilizes an online accident report app and gave information regarding the records broken with MKT application. Satıcı stated that with a total report creation time of 5.5 minutes, Konya was the leading city in terms of filling and sending the mobile accident report form last year and that this year Hatay became the champion with a report creation time of 1.6 minutes. Satıcı also stated that MKT which was upgraded this year now transmits claim file much faster and minimizes claim file processing times and added that with the location data offered, insurance companies are now able to reach their beneficiaries instantly. Satıcı​ said “We hold a world record in that sense. Once the report reaches the insurance company, fault rates are determined and the claim file is finalized in as short as 32 seconds”. Satıcı also added that, sector’s executives as well can now monitor the sector in real time thanks to the dashboard application they offered. 

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