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Dünya Gazetesi - 01/05/2013

Work Started to Expand the Market at SBM

The members of Life and Non-Life IT Committee realized its first meeting with the participation of the assistant general managers of the insurance companies.

Two IT Committees, namely “Life” and “Non-Life” have been setup with the goal of guiding the sector in the projects realized by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center and contributing to the efforts for enabling IIC to engage in more open and transparent communication with the sector. Committee members comprise representative of insurance companies selected based on the market shares of the insurance companies in the sector. Insurance Information and Monitoring Center and Life and Non-Life IT Committee members, realized their first meeting with the participation of insurance companies’ assistant general managers in charge of IT. At the meeting, the companies which will be the first to implement IIC projects were selected by IT Life Committee while at the meeting with the IT Non-Life committee, it was decided to setup the Health Sub-committee and Fraud Sub-Committee. The main subjects discussed at the meeting were IIC business plans for year 2013, system monitoring, emergency center, data security, risk framework, data security management, master data security plan, data security statistics in the world, BT HAYMER competency evaluation form and request management system statistics and SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı, ITSM Director Bülent Geçkin and business unit managers of the companies made presentations. SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı who delivered a speech at the meeting said “We’re setting up an Insurance Information and Monitoring​ Center that will establish the framework that contributes to the growth efforts of insurance companies, develop solutions that will prevent fraud and improve profitability and realize projects that will improve insurance awareness and confidence in policies. It’s in our hands to make the business processes perfect and to help the sector get stronger by using common sense and cooperation. We can make it a win-win situation both for the companies and the citizens by focusing on expanding the overall pie rather than increasing individual market shares”.

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