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Dünya Newspaper - 08/12/2010

Misleading Statements Increased in Accident Reports. Treasury Added a Warning to Document.

Undersecretariat Changed the Form of Accident Report and Added Warnings to Upper Section of Report.

İSTANBUL – Forgeries in accident reports give substantial damages to drivers who give accurate statements and insurance companies. Premiums cannot cover claims due to false statements and insurance companies lose money.  Drivers who give accurate statements have to pay higher premiums when they renew their policies due to fraudulence.

Increasing misleading statements in accident report application started in April 2008 caused Undersecretariat of Treasury to take action. Undersecretariat changed the form of accident report and added warnings in the upper section of report: if a report is contrary to facts constitute forgery of special documents and involves penal sanctions , these people will be evaluated as high risk insured.  

In general, sector representatives is looking positive to the announcement made by Undersecretariat of Treasury dated 04/11/2010  and they highlight that new arrangements with higher deterrent qualities should be realized in order to eliminate forgery and to ensure that the application is fully successful.

Mustafa Su (General Manager of Anadolu Sigorta): SİSBİS Should be Used Effectively

Mr. Su says, “The most important change on accident report is the addition of a warning text on the report as a result of efforts to prevent forgery and false statements. Another addition is that people do not have to wait on the accident location to prepare report. After photos are taken, vehicles can be pulled over to a proper location that will not cause traffic jam. We believe that the change in accident report will be partially beneficial for preventing individual abuse. However, we think that the main benefit can be achieved with the effective use of “Insurance Forgeries Information System Database” (SİSBİS) application. 

Namık Kemal Ketenci (Group Manager of Ankara Insurance): Conscious Citizens will Take Into Consideration This Warning

Mr. Ketenci, Group Manager of Ankara Insurance Claims , Claims Audit and Recourse department says that they believe  that this warning allow insurcance companies to apply necessary sanctions on people and organizations whose declaration are contrary to the facts. We believe that conscious citizens will consider this warning and evaluate their behaviors in accordance with warning. Furthermore, I believe that people and organizations that turned this behavior into a habit will make a positive progress. I think that fraud will be decreased by taking measures that are more serious in this respect. (for example, heavy penalties and prison sentences can be applied if people/organizations are ascertained to carry out false applications).  

İsmail Alpertunga (AXA SİGORTA Claims Director and Extended Executive Board Member): Beneficial in Terms of Awareness Raising

Mr. Alpertunga says, “The decision of Undersecretariat of Treasury to make changes in accident reports resulted from applications made to them. It was deemed fit to add a warning to reports based on the claims that there were misstatements in reports. We believe that it will be beneficial to add a warning text for raising awareness of citizens who will fill the accident reports but we also think that this change in accident reports will not be effective in sufficiently decreasing insurance frauds since its deterrent quality is low.

Sema Bulutlu (Vice Manager of Chartis Sigorta): Abuses Should be Disclosed to the Public

Mrs. Bulutlu, says “Two articles added in the recent period to accident reports with financial claims are, of course, a well-favored development for helping the prevention of claims involving abused. However, firstly, people who are involved in any accident or think about accident scenarios should read this warning and take a lesson from this warning. Unfortunately, claims paid for unreal accidents encourage our society and give the public wrong impression that insurance companies carry out their transactions without proper controls. Thus, I believe that this impudence can be prevented by disclosing abuses to the public and imposing penalties but I also think that this will take a great deal of time and money on the part of insurance companies.

Cengiz Karataş (Deputy General Manager Responsible For Auto Claims, Law&Recourse, Customer Relations, Transport Insurances of ERGO Sigorta): The Process Should be Continued

Mr. Karataş says, “We think that the Treasury considered that this change is necessary since insurance companies intensely communicated their grievance in this respect. It is necessary that this process is continued and the same perseverance in relation to the struggle against unreal claims is continued. We believe that Treasury and insurance companies should cooperation more closely to protect the rights of honest insured. As insurance companies, we want to see Treasury on our side with a more efficient role in the struggle against unreal claims. It will be beneficial to all segments if “Insured-Treasury-Insurer” triangle acts in coordination in terms of the struggle against unreal claims.  

Fahrettin Turan(Ray Sigorta Claims&Recourse Manager): Additional Measures are Necessary

Mr. Turan says, “The primary reason for making changes in accident report is to prevent unreal claims and abuses that have increased seriously after the accident report. Penal sanctions that will be applied after the detection of the unreal accident report were added in reports. The financial aspect of the situation was highlighted by reminding additional premiums to be applied to high-risk customers and it was aimed at providing a deterrent effect in relation to unreal claims in this respect. Article (b) added to accident reports remind that traffic flow should not be interrupted after any accident. We do not think the desired level will be achieved by the change.  In addition to these articles, some changes should also be made in relation to the implementation of accident report. For example, additional measures may be taken such as taking photos of the damaged vehicle and accident scene and issuing traffic penalties to drivers who are found to be faulty according to KTT data.  

Melike Demirel (Deputy General Manager of Yapı Kredi Sigorta): Sanctions Should be Determined

Mrs. Demirel says “sectoral release of the Undersecretariat of Treasury dated 04/11/2010 stipulates that “It is understood from the applications made to our Undersecretariat that there are claims that reports involve misstatements.” This makes us think that the Undersecretariat of Treasury needed to make changes in accident reports because abuses in auto claims have increased after the transition related to accident reports and the results of motor insurance-traffic branches of insurance industry are negative. The article “Issuing unreal reports will be included in the scope of forgery of special documents and it will cause penalty sanctions and policies will be renewed over high additional premiums” was added to the revised form. On the other hand, the article “After accident photos are taken, vehicles should be pulled over a proper location which will not hinder traffic” was added to the revised form because one of the targets of the form is to prevent traffic jams after accidents. The added warning “issuing false reports” may have a positive effect on individual abuses but abuses made by crime rings that turned this into their profession cannot be expected to decrease by the warning on the form. The scope of penalty sanctions should be determined and announced to the public and started to be implemented.

Eray Kangal (Deputy General Manager Responsible for Claims of Zurich Sigorta): Drivers Should be Trained by Campaigns

Mr. Kangal says, “Accident report application that should be filled by parties in traffic accidents that only involves financial claims entered into force on 1 April 2008. The Undersecretariat of Treasury made some changes involving warning in said reports based on the claims that there were misstatements. Thus, it draws attention to this issue and expects to decrease insurance frauds with the deterrent nature of issuing misstatements. Unreal claims have increased together with the accident report implementation. It is very difficult to determine unreal claims since accident reports that are in the nature of official papers are subject to statements by people when policy are not involved. Higher-level actions should be taken and especially drivers should be trained by nation-wide campaigns to be carried out.

Which warnings are added by the Treasury?

Treasury made changes in reports in form and added these two articles to the upper section of the report:

-Issue the accident report truly. Issuing unreal reports is in the nature of forgery of special papers, it will cause penal sanctions and these people will be evaluated as high-risk insured and high premiums shall be applied for policy renewals.

-It is not necessary to remain on the location for issuing the report. If possible, after photos are taken, accident report can be issued after vehicles are pulled over a proper location that will not hinder traffic flow.

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