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BTHaber - 03/12/2013

Insurance Sector; Now Bigger, More Secure and Faster

As the great power behind the sector, “Insurance Information and Supervision Center” reinforced its IT infrastructure with HP software and hardware products.
As the information center of the insurance sector “Insurance Information and Supervision Center (IIC) is upgrading its IT infrastructure. While 62 insurance companies are moving towards the goal of 26 billion TL worth of policy creation for 2013, information on liability, comprehensive coverage, health, life, travel, and hazardous material policies are stored in the IIC database. IIC acts as a hub that connects public and private institutions and organizations of the insurance sector. Also, statistical information and reports that would benefit the sector are created in and shared by IIC.
As part of the projects it developed in cooperation with HP in order to upgrade its IT infrastructure, IIC recently commissioned the PPM (Project and Portfolio Management), ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Performance Center (Load Runner), UFT (Unified Functional Testing), CDA (Continuous Delivery Automation), SA (Server Automation) and 00 (Operations Orchestration) solutions within its structure. With all these projects, the goals of IIC are faster and better quality management in development and testing processes, manageable and reportable life cycle, and ultimately, designing high quality and uninterrupted services that have passed all tests successfully. Bülent Geçkin, IT Services Director at IIC summarized the importance of these projects as follows:
"At IIC, we’re reviewing our IT infrastructure and coming up with upgrading projects with the goal of ensuring continuity of uninterrupted services and improving service quality. In order to ensure zero errors in terms of code security of our software development processes, we aim to make HP Fortify & Web Inspect solutions and the applications developed in-house to be 100% secure. With HP ArcSight, we do log and event management. We founded IT committees with the goal of working in full cooperation with the insurance sector and we organized meetings every six months. We also organized two General IT Committee meetings. We organized our second event with support from HP. In cooperation with the IT experts of the insurance companies, we analyzed the processes and the needs in the sector."

A fruitful cooperation with HP
Geçkin said "In cooperation with HP, IIC made investments in the areas of security, service, hardware and software. We chose to keep the Blade branded servers of HP while upgrading the hardware in our system room and this way; we focused on space and energy savings. This structure gives us speed and flexibility” and emphasized that one of the important projects completed on the hardware side aims to increase the speed of the internal network to 10G. Geç​kin said, “As part of our Datacenter Care Agreement with HP we receive maintenance support for 24x7 as well as guaranteed services. The Datacenter Care services include a broad range of services that include architectural design and proactive fault repairs as well." and mentions that their focus is integrity. On the other hand, Nevzat Koldemir, Insurance Information and Supervision Center Software Development and Business Intelligence Director Nevzat Koldemir made the following comments about the details of the current project:
"For all our software solutions, we chose to utilize PPM, ALM and Test Automation products by HP in order to ensure complete integration. This way, all products we use can easily communicate with each other. With the integrated project management process, while providing the companies of the sector with the most accurate system structures, we’re also modify and improve our way of conducting business."
"In the first phase of this project, we made a detailed analyses of the business processes of all units and converted into business flow charts in cooperation with HP&İnnova and then positioned these processes in HP PPM. We’ll soon commission the pilot versions of these processes and with the completion of the final versions of the processes IIC will handle all application development processes, ranging from analysis to deployment, on the HP PPM&ALM products. We’ll be doing the resource planning for the processes on PPM and the quality level of all processes will be 100% controllable and traceable.
"Thanks to planned progress and effective cooperation with HP, we’ve achieved a constant level of efficiency in all projects. Koldemir said, “In 2014, we’ll focus more on mobile projects” and continued as follows:
"HP PPM&ALM&Test Tools and Version Automation (CDA) integration, will be a novelty in Turkey. IIC will be the first location where all these products of HP will be operating in an integrated fashion. Examples of this kind of end-to-end automation in the world are rare and this will be the accomplishment of HP Turkey and IIC. Our goal here is to allow the products developed in-house at IIC to flow automatically to test and live systems via the automated processes and to make history in this area in our region”.

It is a novelty in the region
Indicating that insurance companies are in the dawn of their IT transformations and the long-needed technical leap, HP Software Accounts Manager Zihni Ozan stated that IIC is now in a position to pioneer the sector in this area and that, in this regard, the project they’re realizing has special significance for them as well. Orhan defined ICC as the “sector’s meeting point” and mentioned that taking part in the successful projects realized here is very important for them. Orhan summarized the investment process as follows:
"With the HP Software, Security and Infrastructure solutions provided as part of the agreement signed in May 2013, projects are being realized in different phases. All the projects, which are carried out in line with a certain calendar, are expected to be finished in 2013.
IIC is an important institution that serves whole Turkey and manages very critical information and systems. In such a critical setting, we’re creating a structure whereby we can manage all processes from processing requests and providing services in an integrated manner. The project is unique in that it is the first integrated ALM-CDA setup in the region. With CDA, it is possible to setup different environments automatically and deploy them with zero error.
IIC is setting up an exemplary IT structure and successful completion of this transformation is important both for us and for IIC...

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