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Hayatımız Sigortalı Dergisi - 04/03/2015

The main topic of the March issue of Hayatimiz Sigortali is the Mobile Accident Report!

​Creating reports are easier now

In the October of 2014, citizens met with a new application: The Mobile Accident Report. With this application that saves a great deal of time for the drivers during the claim process and was developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) there's now no need for pen and paper when preparing accident reports. With this new application, accident report creation is now much more convenient and faster. To start using the application all you need to do is to have a smart phone with Android or IOS operating system and to install the application on your phone free of charge. And then you will be able to fill your form in as short as 10 minutes.

Accident reports finalized in 3 days

Mobile Accident Report application requires you to upload at least four pictures of the accident. Then you need to enter the policy information in the system. You can use the license plate number and the ID number of the title owner of the vehicle. Once you save you policy information in the system, you don't need enter the information every time. All you have to do is to use the "bring from profile" feature. You can also access all your policy information by scanning the qr code on your policies. The application allows you to record your sound for describing how the accident happened. You can also describe it in writing on the application. The process is completed with the drivers signing the screen with their fingers. In the next step, the drivers receive an SMS on their smartphones, as well as the Mobile Accident Report form in PDF format in their emails.  The insurance companies of both vehicles are then instantly notified about the incident. This way the claim process is started without drivers having to call their companies. Thanks to the speed offered by the application, claim payment processes are shortened too. Average claim finalization process has been brought down from 13 days to 3 days.



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