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Sigorta Dünyası - 01/10/2013

From Us to You: The Projects by "Sektörün Akıl Defteri (Goof Sheet of the Sector)"

The Projects by "Sektörün Akıl Defteri (Goof Sheet of the Sector)"

Emre Yazman, Chief Editor of Sigorta Dünyası magazine, wrote about the interview that our center’s General Manager Aydın Satıcı had with their magazine...
Aydın Satıcı, the top manager of the institution, which can be termed as the “sektorun akil defteri”, and has been turned into the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center in line with the changing requirements after being founded as TRAMER, was hosted by Celal Ç​elik in the “Guest” section of this issue of our magazine.
What Mr. Satıcı shared with us, gives us a big clue as to how comprehensive their services have become in such a short time, and shows us how important IIC’s activities are for the insurance companies, agencies and/or insurance holders.

1- Project for online policy in all branches
Starting with the first quarter of 2014, policies created in all branches and the accident information will be transferred to IIC database in real time. This will especially be helpful in terms of preventing insurance fraud.

2- Project for creating accident reports via smartphones
With this project, it will be possible to create accident reports in as short as 5 minutes, which currently takes hours. The project will also play an important role in decreasing insurance fraud and creating a database for accident statistics.

3- Disclosure of the minimum and maximum liability insurance premiums
The amendment made to the Traffic Insurance bylaw, mandates that, starting from October 1st, insurance companies publish their minimum and maximum prices within last one month, on Internet. And IIC’s duty is to publish this information on Internet in a format that allows shoppers to compare different prices.

4- Project for instant communication of accident information to the insurance company in accident cases with casualties or injuries
This project will prevent the intermediary companies to seize the compensation payments, which the insurance holders or the legal heirs should be receiving.

5- Project for verifying travel health insurance policies online
With this new projects that’s recently been started, counterfeit travel health insurance policies prevalence of which are is high as 30% as well as the resulting loss of 10 million Liras will be prevented.

As you can see all of them are important projects that would benefit insurance holders...
You can find the details of all these projects on the Guest page of this issue of our magazine.

Emre Yazman

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