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Autocontrol 5664 Wins Effie Award

Effie Turkish Advertisement Event Competition Award Ceremony held by Advertising Association and Advertisers Association for the fourth time this year was realized by participation of elite guests of marketing communication world last night in Conrad Hotel.

164 applications were made to Effie Turkish Advertisement Event Competition Award held with the collaboration of Effie Worldwide Inc. by record participation in this year. 127 campaigns were shortlisted in Effie composed of 26 different categories. 15 gold, 16 bronze and 19 silver Effies were awarded to their winners in the event.

Tramer-Autocontrol 5664 project ,that is run by SBM since August 2009 and allows individuals to inquire damage information by plate number, competed in the other category and was granted Bronze Award.

BRONZE Solution, Tramer - Autocontrol 5664,"…is it? "
SILVER trademark, Garanti Bank, Garanti 12 Dev Adam (12 Giant Men), "World Basketball Championship 12 Giant Men Support Campaign”

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