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Sigorta Haber Newspaper - 13/03/2013

Accident Reports Will be Instantly Accessible on SBM Website

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, a division of Insurance Association of Turkey, renewed its website. On the new website, the users will be able to instantly view accident reports and make queries about damage status. SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı said “With the upgraded website, we aim to give more effective service to the citizens”. The new website features sector related reports, latest news from the sector and reports for use by citizens and professionals of the sector. With the upgraded website, the users can instantly view the accident reports entered in the system by the insurance companies. Uses can also follow the comments of the insurance companies on the accidents as well as the latest status. Users can also retrieve their liability and comprehensive coverage policies and check their information. On the main menu, under the reports heading, statistical information such as accident report figures for different years and cities are available. Also, every insurance holder can now retrieve their liability insurance and comprehensive coverage policy information on the website and can access damage information via a single website. This way, the new SBM website allows the user to verify the authenticity of their policies.

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