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Sigorta Haber Gazetesi - 15/03/2013

A Special Event for the Insurance Sector from Oracle

Oracle Turkey recently organized a special event for the insurance sector. The main subject of the event was new generation insurance business and the influence of changing technologies on the insurance sector. Organized at Four Seasons Bosporus Hotel on March 14th, the event brought together numerous managers from the insurance sector. The event commenced with the opening speech delivered by Oracle Turkey’s General Manager Filiz Doğan. Doğan stated that, they’ve been working in cooperation with the insurance sector for many years not only in the area of database management but also in the areas of business applications, middle-tier products and business intelligence applications. Doğan indicated that Oracle has a very important position in the insurance sector and provided statistical information about the subject. Doğan said, “Based on data from 2012, around 95% of 14.3 million insurance holders on the elementary insurance side are insured by insurance companies that use Oracle systems. And 90% of 47 million policies created were created using Oracle technologies. Today, 15 of the 17 individual retirement companies are Oracle users and because of this around 70% fund participants work with Oracle technologies and applications”
Following Doğan’s speech, Oracle Insurance EMEA Region Global Business Unit Senior Director Glenn Lottering made a presentation. Lottering gave an overview of the dynamics of the sector as well Oracle’s perspective of the sector. Stating that technology has advanced a lot throughout the years and customer expectations have changed over time, Lottering indicated that all firms need to catch up with the changes brought about by time. Lottering stated that, as Oracle, they focus on the requirements of today and talked about the solutions they provide to the insurance sector.

Insurance companies must invest in technology
In his presentation, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center ​General Manager mentioned the influence of changing technologies and marketing tools on the insurance sector. Stating that their goal is to help the insurance sector to grow, Satıcı indicated that their task is to create the infrastructure that would contribute to the growth targets of the companies. Satıcı stated that, as IIC, they place great emphasis on technology and that those companies wishing to exist in the future as well need to invest in technology. Satıcı also mentioned that, in today’s business environment where technology is used heavily, insurance sector as well needs to take its part in this area.

Leaders of the sector coming together
Following the event, a panel titled “Leaders of the Sector” was held. The panel’s moderator was Oracle Turkey Technology Sales Manager Burcu Bartın and among the participants of the panel were Akbank Bankassurance Division Head Gönül Alpay, Ziraat Sigorta Board Member and General Manager M. Akif Eroğlu, Neova Sigorta Board Member and General Manager Özgür Koç and Asya Emeklilik Board Member and General Manager Ercüment Korkut.
The main subjects of the panel were the influence of bank assurance on the growth of the sector and on the increase in the number of insurance holders. In the panel where lack of public awareness about insurance products was emphasized as well, importance of customer satisfaction and the need to provide fast and uninterrupted service were discussed.
Among the other issues discussed at the panel were the developments in the insurance, life and insurance sectors and outlooks for 2012 in addition to technological trends in the sector, and during the panel, Oracle customers, business partners and Oracle employees made numerous presentations.

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