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Platin Magazine Interview with Aydın Satıcı

​Gathering in its systems in real-time, via its advanced technological infrastructure, all policy and claim data from the insurance industry, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) offers convenience for the end-user by carrying "VEHICLE DAMAGE", "VEHICLE DETAIL", "REPLACED PART AND KM" data for second-hand vehicles via SİGORTAM 360.

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) which tracks in real-time all insurance policy data via its advanced technology and applications, protects the rights of insurance companies and the public. Insurance companies are naturally are a member of SBM and SBM shares all policy and claim data for 18 insurance branches in real time. And with Sigortam360, SBM allows users to make inquiries about second-hand vehicles electronically. Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) Managing Director Aydın Satıcı shared with us, the details of Sigortam360 service, which was launched in January.

Can you please tell us about the content of Sigortam360?

During the inquiry process, you can access different data for a vehicle under different inquiry topics. With Damage Inquiry, you can get information like accident data, cause of accident, weather or not there's heavy damage, expert report information if any, and claim amount information. With 'Vehicle Detail Inquiry', you can receive information about vehicle make and model, first registration date, period with and without comprehensive coverage, weather or not the vehicle has valid comprehensive coverage, weather or not the license place has been replaced, vehicle type change and its list, change of city record for license plate and its list, final ownership type and final ownership duration. And with "Replaced Part Inquiry" you can receive information on accident date, mileage at the time of accident, total cost of replaced parts, total cost of labor, replaced part information, weather or not the replaced part is original, and number of replaced parts. With the "Policy Inquiry", one can retrieve information such as weather or not there's a valid liability insurance or comprehensive coverage policy, policy number, policy expiration date and date of cancellation of policy if policy was cancelled. With the "Accident Report" inquiry, you can get information like accident data, accident report status, report creation date, license plate numbers of vehicles involved in the accident, and fault rate information. Using the "Compensating Insurance Company Inquiry" service, one can get information about the insurance company, claim file number, and license plate number. The "Life Insurance Policy Inquiry for the Deceased" service provides information on the insurance company and number of valid policies. And with the "Free km Inquiry" service, one can get information about TUVTURK inspection date and mileage.

Under "My Policies" menu, one can access all details related to liability insurance policies and under Greencard Policy Inquiry, one can access all details related to green card policies. From the Online Transactions menu of the website, one can access information on the fault rate related to the accident report created by citizens in accidents with material damage and accident details in the Accident Report Inquiry section.

How do users benefit from this system?

Users can access the website or mobile website via Android and IOS applications. After signing up for membership, one can retrieve all information regarding a vehicle for a fee of 4 TL.

How often are the inquiry services being used?

Services provided under Sigortam360, have been provided via SMS services since 2007. Total number of inquiries via SMS has exceeded 1 million. And on the Sigortam360 system, which was launched on 27 January 2016, a total of over 9.000 inquiries have been made until now and the total number of members has reached 8.100.

What are the advantages of providing services in the electronic environment in the insurance sector?

Digital world is increasingly becoming an indispensible part of our lives. Insurance companies should take advantage of these technological advancements and should prefer to work with agents that emphasize service quality and are technologically well equipped.​

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