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Zaman Newspaper - 13/12/2010

2 Million People have Learnt Damage Status by ‘Mobile Phones’

People Who Want To Buy Second-Hand Automobiles Can Learn Whether Vehicles Have Any Criminal Background, Whether They Are Damaged Or Whether Their Policy Payments Have Been Fully Made.


Over 2 million people have learnt the status of vehicles that they intend to buy via the system  which is in operation since August 2009. Drivers had to pay hundreds of liras to auto mechanics for checking any vehicle to be bought. 2 million 132 thousand people have learnt the status of their vehicles so far via ‘Autocontrol’ project created by Insurance Information Center and being in active since 2009. Only 49 people got information on 3 August 2009, the first day of the project, where service charge varies between 8-14 credits. As of December, 6.500 people in average per day learn damage history of second-hand cars, injured party information and whether they have traffic policies and if they are involved in any accident, their accident reports via their mobile phones. Mehmet Üst, General Manager of Insurance Information Center, who stated that citizens that are planning to buy second-hand automobiles avoid from paying hundreds of liras to mechanics or experts for automobile checks via the project said, “You can access to damage information of your vehicle in return for 14 credits-2 TL(taxes included). After your message is received, policies of your vehicle are inquired for motor insurance and any other insurance. We can check the vehicle damage since 2003. We plan to prevent deceptions by means of this system.” . Mr.Üst stated that citizens mostly benefit from damage service on the system and said, “Policy, accident and vehicle damage information has been become more easily accessible by a wider population. We will develop the study and ensure that citizens can learn whether vehicles that they intend to buy are written-off. We have collected written-off (damaged) information of vehicles from insurance companies since 2000. It will allow getting information about maintenances of second-hand vehicles in ten years.”.  Noting that peak days of autocontrol service usage are Monday and Friday, Mr.Üst said, “ when looking the usage in terms of hour , the peak hours are 13.00-17.00 and 2 million 20 thousand people benefited from damage service by means of the study prepared by Insurance Information Center and accident, policy and injured party services were benefited by 82.600 people, 11.400 people and 877 people, respectively.


How can Vehicle Information be Accessed?


Damage information inquiry: Write HASAR, leave space and after that plate number or write only plate number and then  send to Turkcell 5664. Damage information includes only claim payments (since 2003) of casco-traffic insurance. Service charge is 14 credits.


Accident information inquiry: Write KAZA, leave a space and write plate number and then send to Turkcell 5664. Service charge is 10 credits.

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