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3 Big Awards at Global Business Excellence Awards 2016

SBM won 3 big awards at Global Business Excellence Awards, which is considered to be one of the high profile awards in the world and receives an extremely high number of applications from international private and public companies and organizations as well as from dynamic and innovative SMBs all over the world.

Categories in which SBM won awards:

  1. In the "Outstanding Executive" category, Aydın Satıcı – Grand Prize
  2. In the "Outstanding Innovation" category Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) - Grand Prize
  3. In the "Outstanding New Products/Services " category, Mobile Accident Report Application - Grand Prize

6 Awards at Stevie Awards 2016

At the Stevie Awards, which is world’s only international business awards program and rewards the most successful organizations and executives in the world, SBM won 6 different awards. Having won 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze awards, SBM proved its achievements in the areas of innovation and technology at an international platform whereby the top organizations of the world that are leading names in their respective fields competed.

Categories in which SBM won awards:

  1. In the "Executive of the Year" category, "Insurance" branch, Aydın Satıcı "GOLD" award,
  2. In the "Company of the Year" category, "Insurance" branch, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) "GOLD" award
  3. In the "App" category, "Most Innovative Application" branch, Mobile Accident Report application, "GOLD" award
  4. In the "Most Innovative Company" category, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) "SILVER" award
  5. SBM Human Resources department, "Human Resources Department of the Year" branch "BRONZE"
  6. SBM IT Services department, "IT Department of the Year" branch "BRONZE"

About Stevie Awards

Considered to be one of the most recognized business awards, Stevie Awards has been rewarding international corporations and organizations since 2002 for their performances and positive contributions to social life during the year. Given under four different programs, namely American Business Awards, International Business Awards, Stevie Awards for Women in Business and Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, the Stevie Awards, brings to the forefront, the outstanding corporate performances all across the world.​

İnovalig 2015 Championship Award

At the InovaLIG competition, which was organized for the second time this year, with its innovative projects, SBM, the technology powerhouse of the insurance industry, won the championship award for “Innovation Life Cycle” among 488 companies as a result of jury evaluation. SBM Managing Director Aydın Satıcı received the championship award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan​.

About İnovalig Awards

With InovaLIG, which is Turkey's first innovation development program organized by Turkish Exporters' Assembly in partnership with management consultancy company A.T. Kearney, companies both compete with their innovation competencies and find the opportunity to improve their innovation cultures in an interactive platform.

With a configuration based on IMP3rove methodology carried out by A.T. Kearney and implemented in 17 European countries​, InovaLIG program creates performance reports for companies in Turkey and selects the innovation leaders every year.

Companies joining İnovaLİG receive their innovation performance reports both at Turkish and European standards. As a result this program offers a great opportunity to companies' organizations and daily operations to establish their innovation cultures.​

SAP 2015 Fast Delivery Award

As part of the SAP ERP project which was successfully implemented in SBM; Accounting, Finance, Purchasing, Budget Management and Human Resources business processes have been integrated.

With this project implemented successfully, our center was honored with the award as being among the organizations that impalement quality principles in the best manner.

About SAP Quality Awards

SAP Quality Awards are given in 3 different categories after a rigorous evaluations process, to companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance in the implementation of SAP applications.

eTR Award in the 2015 e-Services from State to Citizens Category

At the eTR awards organized for the 12th time by TUSIAD and Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV),

General Directorate of Insurance of the Deputy Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry won the award for number one place with the "Mobile Accident Report" application developed by SBM, in the category of "eServices from State to Citizens at the eTR awards organized for the 12th time by TUSIAD and Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV).

  • Claim Information Correction
  • Accident Intensity Map​

2013 IT Transformation Project Award Goes to SBM!​


Having become the center of attention with the large-scale and successful projects it commissioned in 2013 and having carried its corporate IT maturity to high levels in a short time, SBM​ has been honored with the Award for the "IT Transformation Project of the Year" at the HP Discover 2013 event held in Barcelona.

SBM is perceived as the "Information Hub" of the sector and the institution has recently redesigned its data center to meet the latest international IT standards. As part of these technological restructuring efforts, SBM upgraded its main database and business intelligence systems, its hardware infrastructure and its data security systems, which also allowed SBM to redesign its services it offers to the sector 24/7.​

eTR Award in the 2011 e-Services from State to Citizens Category

Insurance General Directorate of Undersecretariat of Treasury of Prime Ministry was awarded in "E-Services from the Public to the Citizens" category with the winner award for "Oto Control 5664 SMS Inquiry Project" developed by SBM in 9th eTR Awards held with the sponsorship of AVEA in 2011.

"Oto Control 5664 SMS Inquiry Project" was awarded with "Bronze Award" in Effie Turkish Advertisement Event Competition held by Advertising Association and Advertisers Association in 2011.

Insurance General Directorate of Undersecretariat of Treasury of Prime Ministry was awarded in "E-Services from the Public to the Citizens" category with the winner award for "Accident Report with Claims Implementation" developed by SBM in 6th eTR Awards in 2008.

Insurance General Directorate of Undersecretariat of Treasury of Prime Ministry was awarded in "E-Services from the Public to the Citizens" category with the winner award for "TRAMER" website in 5th eTR Awards in 2007.

SBM was awarded in three different branches in 2006 in Altın Örümcek Awards held as of 2002 in order to evaluate successful projects realized by using web and internet technologies. SBM was awarded with secondary award for "Trakid" website in "Education" category and "Tramer" website in "Insurance" category and with third award for "Traport" website in "Public Institution" category.

About eTR Awards​

eState applications that increased their popularity in recent years in our country as well started to be used to bring state services to citizens and business world by using Information and Communication Technologies and to reach a more effective and efficient management.

eState concept can be applied in central and field services of public institutions (including professional organizations in the nature of public institution) and legislation and judiciary power and can also function from the pubic to citizens (G2C), from the public to business world (G2B) and from the public to the public (G2G).

What makes eState different from automation projects is that they are open projects that re-define business processes of eState projects and are accessible by citizens, business world and public officers.

Considering the abovementioned points, TÜSİAD and TBV has been evaluating successful applications since 2003 and started to distribute eTR awards.