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Traffic Insurance

Casco Policy compensate claim amount of your car.Traffic policy compensate claim amount of opposite party, not yours.
Vehicle and any one accident material, Person and any one accident health care costs, Person and any one accident disablement and death.
Traffic insurance compensate physical and material claims which you gave third parties.
Premiums are getting adjusted regarding to claim and premium of models and in addition, all the insurance companies can offer different prices. So that, a generalization like taxi premium cost is higer than the car isn’t convenient.
Yes,It is.Insurance Companies apply no claim bonus or additional premium according to boarding step and rates on (link)Traffic Insurance Tariff and Directions. Boarding step starts from 4th for driver who has first policy.
Yes, sueing expenditures, advocate payments are in the coverage till they don’t exceed the limit of policy Unless the insured isn’t faulty on the claim.
The vehicles get into the traffic for the first time have no increase or discount in Premium.
No, It can be change depends on Insurances Companies.
After registry date, Incerased premium is not taken in 30 days. %5 increased premium is paid for each 30 days.It is maximum %5.
The policy doesn’t get transferred after sale in traffic insurance. The vehicle owner abrogates the policy and takes back the premium remaining on the calculation based upon 365-day. The new owner gets the vehicle insured regarding to the registration date.
You ought to appeal to the nearest police station or gendarmerie station and have a report written down by them. You can have the service which insurance companies provide 7/24 may also have your vehicle towed.