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Mobile Accident Report application, which has attracted great attention since its launch, is now ready for use by beneficiaries and drivers with its new interface.
With the new version of the application, which employs interfaces that are visually enhanced, a number of exciting features are offered as well. Well then what are these new features?

New Homepage, Accident Intensity Map: The home page and menu items of the application are redesigned from scratch. Menus are moved to the bottom bar for easier access.

The application's initial screen now offers you very practical information. With the accident intensity map, you can see nearby accidents or easily find the nearest repair shop or insurance company.


Easy to use and simple screens: All screens were analyzed and redesigned and simplified individually, with the goal of allowing a single action on every screen. The goal was to make the application user friendly for everyone thanks to user-friendly interfaces.

Guidance screens: Every screen now has messages to guide the user. All information including how the accident photograph will be taken and how each transaction will be completed are provided to the user as they use the application.

Video recording feature: With the new video recording feature, users can now make a short video recording of the accident scene. This would facilitate the accident analysis process.​

Advanced Profile: With the advanced profile, the report creation process will be simplified to a great extent. In the profile step, which only allows users to enter insurance information in the current version, users can now enter all driver information, driver license picture and registration picture in the new version. This way all that’s left after an accident is to write the commentary on the accident and to draw the scenario.

Share your profile, SHAKE IT: The most exciting feature of the new design is the “Share Profile” feature. As you know with the current version only the profile information in the current phone can be retrieved. But with the new version, regardless of the number of vehicles in the accident, if the other driver or drivers have the application on their phones and have created a profile, all they’d have to do is to shake their phones to transfer that information. At this point all information is transferred to the other phone, which will minimize report creation times and prevent prolonged traffic jams.

The new scenario drawing screen: The new scenario-drawing screen allows users to depict more easily how the accident took place. Using the 8 road types where accidents happen most frequently the user first selects the road type where the accident took place, then the vehicles are placed on this scenario and the accident scenario is created easily. With a newly added feature, traffic signs, if any, can also be added easily on the scenario screen.

Change / Approve Screen: After all information is entered, the new version now brings a Change/Approve step whereby the users can verify the information they entered easily and go back to the relevant screen quickly if they need to make changes. After the report is completed, information as to what to do is shared with the drivers and necessary guidance is provided.

Mobile accident report: The source of pride of the industry!

With new features being added every day, the mobile accident report application continues to be the source of pride for the sector. You too can now download the new application or if you've already done so, you can update to the new version to start using the new features right now.​

Please click on the icons below to download the application.




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