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Aydın Satıcı was honored with the “GOLD” award in the “Insurance” branch of “CEO” Awards category of International Stevie Awards, one of the most prestigious awards of business world.

SBM CEO Aydın Satıcı was honored by Stevie Awards, the only global organization of its kind, held for the 13th time this year, whereby 3.800 institutions and executives from over 60 countries are evaluated. 

Stevie Awards: JUDGES' COMMENTS​

"Very good performance in non-profit sector"

"To address this challenge – and produce the results sought by the Board – Aydin focused on the benefits and advantages of his ideas rather than the projects themselves. He suggested a program of prioritization, step-by-step for the Board to digest (although simultaneous)."

"Taking Japanese management style and applying it to the insurance industry in other countries is innovative"

"Very interesting story of culture change in a traditional sector,and impressive growth, well done"

"Impressive and compelling personal story to set the foundation for current success- keep up the great work Significant accomplishments: Increase in revenues, member companies, customers and employees"

"Ability to blend mathematics with reason, common sense with imagination"

"Keep up the good work"

"As the executive of the Year, the performance, and indicators explained in the project is good. the initiatives takes and policy implemented are good in the interest of the company. As Executive the vision to project the interest of the employees and investors are good. The overall performance indicators and benchmarks are good."

"Deliberate growth in a short period of time due to effective leadership."

"Mr. Aydin great achievement in the Insurance Sector"

"Great performance achevmient in my experience"

"SBM's Aydin Satici great achievement to SBM"

"Growth and results achieved are very impressive"

"Well done great performance and entry Great support document"

"Great growth in headcount and businesses, new apps and innovation."

Who is Aydın Satıcı?​

Awarded as Executive of The Year 2016 in Insurance by The Stevie International Business Awards.

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center which is awarded as company of the year 2016 is Technology and Innovation Center in Turkish insurance sector. I.I.M.C. works in the aim of more comprehensive and effective implementation of insurance activities, ensuring the unity in practice throughout the sector, making healthy pricing, prevention of fraud, creation of reliable statistics, increasing confidence in the insurance system and enabling public oversight-control. IIMC also serves to the 65 insurance companies, 31.500 agents and bank branches, insurance experts, actuaries and institutions in total 80.000 end-users and millions of citizens and provides first of its kind products and services to all. In this year, 2016, IIMC has won 6 awards in different categories in The Stevie International Business Awards which are Executive of The Year, Company of The Year, Most Innovative App of the year, Most Innovative Company of the year, IT department of the year, HR department of the year.​  

He has 21 years' international experience as CEO, CIO, and Senior Management Executive in Banking (ZiraatBank and Citibank), Telecommunications (Turk Telekom, TTNET and ASSISTT), FMCG (Unilever) and finally Insurance (IIMC). He is transformational leader with a passion motivating the organizations. He has done big transformation programs in Ziraatbank (from old fashioned clumsy bank to agile and leading bank), Turk Telekom (from state owned company to competitive private company), and IIMC (from non-profit organization to revenue generating innovative company). He has Computer Science BS degree at Bogazici University and Executive MBA degree at Bilkent University. He has joined IIMC as CEO in 2012. Under Aydın SATICI's leadership, IIMC has demonstrated unbelievable performance with first of a kind innovative products, and increased sales revenue by 600% in 3 years.

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