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‘Be careful about calls saying you won a gift, or will receive a refund for cancellation!’


Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) has warned citizens that, recently some fraudsters who introduce themselves as SBM employees have made calls to beneficiaries or sent SMS messages, telling them that they won gifts or will receive refunds in relation to their insurance policies and asking for money to send them documents or for their personal information.

SBM organizes no 'gift drawing' activities or has no policy of making refunds in relation to policies and is in no way related to the above-mentioned incidents. SBM wouldn't call any beneficiary or send SMS to any beneficiary for this purpose.

We kindly remind our citizens not to share their personal information with people making such calls or refrain from sending money to such individuals to receive documents from them and kindly ask our citizens to refer to relevant state authorities when faced with such suspicious incidents.

Best Regards.

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center

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