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With Mobile Accident Report application, SBM won the “Gold” Award in the “App” category at of “Most Innovative Application” branch of International Stevie Awards, one of the most prestigious business awards of the world.

​​The winners have been announced for Stevie Awards, the global organization, which is, organized for the 13th time this year and whereby numerous achievements in the business world are rewarded in different categories.

For the awards given in Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, 3.800 organizations and executives from over 60 countries competed. The organizations that competed at this worldwide event were evaluated in the categories of innovation, IT, marketing, human resources, customer services, and public relations.

Developed by SBM as the firs​t of its kind app in the world, The Mobile Accident Report application won the Gold award and confirmed SBM's superior performance in innovation and technology at the international level at a platform where the big names of the industry competed.

Stevie Awards: JUDGES' COMMENTS​

"This is a very good idea and could work in other markets too: I've not seen an app"

"Like it before and it could really make life easier for drivers. It would have been useful to see an indication of how people have responded and the results achieved in the nomination, which could have pushed the mark further, but as the idea seems very strong I have not given much weight to this here."

"Every impressive app and accompanying video examples."

"Effective application of technology to improve public services and safety. Clear reduction in time spent at accident site shows efficacy of the solution."

"This is an inspirational story of business success. Keep up the good work!"

"Very smart, innovative and easy to use"

"Traffic is the important issue. Thinking about this issue is enough to thanks. Congrats."

"Great app - with simple design really helping the user - and potentially thousands of other road users - to remnove bureacracy and speed up commutes."

"Love the curved buttons, the simplicity, and the accident scene creator! The blurry backgrounds has been used tastefully. Well done!"

"Nice idea. A very useful solution. Anything that saves time and paperwork is worthwhile."

A Globally Unique App: Mobile Accident Report!

With the "Mobile Accident Report" developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), drivers can now prepare their accident reports electronically on their smart phones. Recognized as the "first and only application" of its kind in the world, the Mobile Accident Report serves the users since 2014.

Drivers using the mobile application no longer need to worry about keeping a paper accident report form and pen in their vehicles. All they need to prepare a report is a smartphone with them at the time of accident. Thanks to this app, beneficiaries can complete the accident report on their smart phones conveniently and much more quickly. The new Mobile Accident Report has brought down the average report creation time from 100 minutes to 10 minutes, also preventing to a great extent, traffic jam caused by vehicles involved in the accident.

Just by entering the license plate number and their TR ID numbers, drivers retrieve almost all information automatically on the electronic form and fill the report quickly. Thanks to the directions provided by the app, errors made at the time of report creation are minimized as well.

Please click here for detailed information on Mobile Accident Report.​

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