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Mandatory Personel Accident Insurance to mining Employees

With the resolution of council of ministers numbered 29259 released on 6 February 2015, real and legal entities engaging in underground and above ground mining activities and in non-coal undergrounding mining activities, are now obliged to have "Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance" for their personnel engaged in production and pre-production activities, to provide them with insurance coverage against accidents that may happen during mining activities.

Mandatory insurance for miners and banning mining corporations without such insurance from mining operations have become a major step towards increasing the safety in mines.

According to the general provisions of the personal accident insurance, the beneficiaries are covered during the policy period, against any sudden and external threat that results in casualty or physical injur​

 Important aspects of the Personal Accident Insurance for Miners;

  • It is mandatory.
  • It is arranged annual.
  • It has total coverage of 150.000 TL for casualties and disabilities.
  • Annual premium for the beneficiary (mine worker) is 700 TL.
  • Insurance company appoints a committee (a risk assessment team) at least two times a year with maximum intervals of 6 months to determine weather or not the mining corporation in question satisfies the minimum insurance requirement before and after arrangement of the insurance policy.
  • In case the mining corporation is found to have failed to meet the minimum insurance requirements as a result of the inspections made by the committee, the existing insurance policy will be suspended and the mining corporation will be given a grace period of 1,5 months to satisfy insurance requirements at the end of which the same committee inspects the establishment again.

 The committee of experts that will be appointed for Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance for Mine Workers will comprise the following member:

  • Experts certified by Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) who are trained in mining inspections. 1 Expert if the number of employees of the establishment is 10 or less. 2 Experts if the number of employees of the establishment is 10 or more.
  • 1 Occupational Safety Expert registered by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, with Class-A Job Safety Expertise who has at least 3 years of experience at underground coal mining or underground non-coal mining establishments.
  • 1 mining engineer with at least 3 years of experience at underground coal mining or underground non-coal mining establishments as certified by General Directorate of Mining Affairs.

Insurance companies, as per the communiqué released for insurance companies and experts, are required to verify the presence of the insurance requirements. The experts are not allowed to have an interest in the establishment where risk assessment will be carried out for insurance.

As per the Article 5 of the communiqué numbered 29347 released on 6 May 2015 about insurance tariffs, SBM will provide the following as part of the process for Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance for Mine Workers;

  • Automatically appointing a committee based on certain criteria to carry out pre-expertise assessments before policy arrangement,
  • Creating a pool of mining establishments and mine operators,
  • Creating and keeping up-to-date, a pool of committee members (expert, mining engineer and job safety expert)
  • Providing the committee members and insurance companies with work follow-up screens.
  • Ability to enter Mine Expert report electronically,
  • Carrying out policy checks based on the decision regarding compliance in the mining expert report,
  • Storing online in the SBM system, the policy and claim information,
  • Preparing statistics and reports that will help the sector, Under secretariat of Treasury and relevant organizations and institutions, make healthier decisions,
  • Tracking and checking the establishments that do not provide insurance coverage for their employees.
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