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SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı's article in 5th issue of "BİLGİ" magazine

Yes I do want to have insurance. I’ve been thinking about having a DASK and fire insurance form my family and BES insurance and individual accident insurance for my kids and myself. However until today, no insurance agent or insurance company representative called me or try to contact me to have me get an insurance policy. I would have had insurance if I had been contacted. And when I asked people around me,I learned that they had never been called by insurance companies either. I think there are many other people in my situation. Being part of the insurance industry also makes me think that people outside the sector are not contacted either. In order to ensure sustainable growth for the industry, potential beneficiaries who haven’t been insured until now should be contacted. By the way, I am also waiting for insurance companies to contact me regarding their ​insurance products.

We Need to Contact New Customers 

We need to switch from a reactive approach to a more proactive one in terms of gaining new customers. To make sales, you need to go where the customers are and make them offers. Every year around 1 million individuals or organizations get liability insurance for the first time. For comprehensive coverage this figure is 500 thousand, while it is 2 million for Life insurance and 600 thousand for health insurance. On average every year the number of new beneficiaries increase by around 10 to 15% for every branch. How can we gain new beneficiaries without loosing the existing ones? The sector as a whole needs to ​find ways of doing this.

We need to develop new products
In my opinion, in order to gain new customers, new products that meet customer needs and expectations should be developed. We have to develop solutions and products that will attract the attention of customers and bring ​​their risks under coverage.​

We need to increase advertising and promotion effectiveness

Unfortunately, customers either don’t know about insurance products or are not knowledgeable about their content. Why would the customer buy something the content or benefit of which he/she doesn’t know? When an insurance product that meets customer needs and brings risks under coverage is promoted correctly with all details to the customer, customers would decide on ​buying an insurance product more easily.​


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