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Transformation from Nonprofit Organization to Revenue Generating Company


sigortam360, sigorta bilgi ve gözetim merkezi,rekor büyüme performansı, Aydın Satıcı, sigorta

During the first quarter of 2016, total assets of our company increased by 39% compared to the same period last year and reached 17,5 million TL. Total revenue increased by 30% during the same period. As of the end of year 2015, total sales revenue increased by 21% compared to last year. Based on first quarter figures of 2016, organization's profitability increased by 32%. The most important factor behind sustainable growth is our clients and client satisfaction. In 2015, total number of customers of our organizationincreased by 114% compared to 2014 representing an increase from 1,61 million to 3,44 million. In 2015, we served a total of 193.000 corporate clients and 3,24 million individual clients. Our organization has demonstrated increasing performance and during the first quarter of 2016, increased its sales revenue by 611% compared to the same period four years ago.

sigortam360, sigorta bilgi ve gözetim merkezi,rekor büyüme performansı, Aydın Satıcı, sigorta 

The record high growth performance of SBM, resulting from its powerful human resources and information technology infrastructure,innovation approach and its internal dynamism, is the outcome of the efficient and focused work of the Board OF Directors, Executive Boards and all SBM employees all working in harmony.

sigortam360, sigorta bilgi ve gözetim merkezi,rekor büyüme performansı, Aydın Satıcı,sigorta

Achieving perfection in product development processes ensured the development of high qualitycorrect and effective products. New products developed in 2015 had a positive impact on sales figures. In 2015, new products have been added to the products offered via SMS such as damage inquiry, accident report, insurance company making the reimbursement, and liability insurance inquiry. The services like vehicle detail and replaced part inquiry services that became the favorite of all clients, had a 15% positive impact on growth. Our service, which allows users to make, inquires about the provider of the life insurance policy of deceased people, fills a very important niche. On the other hand, our reminder service for expiration dates of liability insurance policies that relates to around 16 million liability insurance policy holders prevents millions of vehicle owners from loosing their policies unexpectedly.

sigortam360, sigorta bilgi ve gözetim merkezi,rekor büyüme performansı, Aydın Satıcı, sigorta  

 Our new brand SIGORTAM360 which we introduced to Turkey for the first time in 2016, aims to ensure that policyholders can receive 360-degree service in every area of the sector. Officially launched in March 2016, SİGORTAM360 reached a total number of 10.000 members in a very short amount of time. We expect the total number of members to reach 1 Million until the end of the year. Using the SIGORTAM360 service; 30 million life insurance, 16 million liability insurance, 6 million comprehensive coverage, 3 million health, 7 million DASK and other policyholders, including corporate clients, can follow up their policies, access their accident report information, and find an insurance broker in their area, appoint an expert and compare liability insurance premiums from different companies and make more informed decisions. The most important benefits of SİGORTAM360.COM​ andSİGORTAM360 Mobile applications is that all transactions can be saved in the electronic environment and easily accessed in the future, and that it allows inquiries for multiple vehicles, can be accessed conveniently from everywhere, allows convenient and fast processing after purchasing tokens and that it costs 20% less compared to the 5664 SMS service.

We will continue to develop new products in 2016. We'll soon launch the KASKOSUZ (UNINSURED PERIOD INQUIRY) service, which will show the users the time periods during which a vehicle wasn't covered by a policy. The new Score Card application for companies and individuals, which is a very important project for me and will be novelty in the world, will be the most important project and product of 2016. With this new service, members who sign up using their personal information, will be able to access via single screenall of their insurance policies saved in SBM systems, and make inquiries and follow up all of their insurance transactions.

SBM will continue to maintain its growth performance in a sustainable manner and continue to add value to the Insurance Industry and the PEOPLE.

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