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Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) won the “GOLD” award in the “Insurance” branch of “Company of the Year” category of Stevie Awards 2016, one of the most prestigious international award organizations for the business world.

​​At The Stevie Awards which was held for the 13th time this year and which is recognized as the world's international business awards program where by the most successful organizations and executives of the world are rewarded, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) was honored with another award.

Company of the Year: SBM!

With the Stevie Awards award given to the insurance industry as the most innovative sector, the insurance industry reaped the benefits of the technological investments it has made in recent years, at the highest level.

In recent years, SBM introduced numerous products and services all of which were first time innovations in the insurance industry in the world. In a relatively short amount of time, SBM launched for use by all players of the insurance industry and 35 million beneficiaries, numerous applications such as the Real Time Managerial Industry Dashboards designed moving from the existing technology trends in the world, Claim Inquiry SMS Services for citizens, Mobile Accident Report application and the Insurance Fraud Prevention System.

Stevie Awards: JUDGES' COMMENTS​

"Terrific initiative to turn the business around, well spotted the business opportunity leveraging technology contributing to the success of the venture."

"SBM developed mobile apps, invested in digital channels and analyzed industry and customer data to take the Turkish insurance industry into the digital age."

"This corporation has brought the insurance industry into the digital world; this is an expectation for successful indutries. However, this corporation is well organized and rapid in response."

"Companies should keep seeking business innovation so that they can make the most of new opportunities given by digital data and prevent potential dangers in advance."

"Nomination is really strong and it will be good to be able to review benchmarking against peers in other markets."

"The overall innovation is excellent, and the most important part in my opinion the one related to "auto accident report creation process", this is one of the best ideas i've heard in the insurance industry"

"21% sales increase in 2014-5; 30% increase in Q1 2016 alone Served 35 million insured people in my experience the company is growing fast and achievement the goal"

"A very good entry, with excellent supporting documentation."

"Great entry will done performance"

"Great achievements! All the industries are closely watching what is being done by SMB and the progress is being appreciated a lot."

"SBM demonstrates the resiliency of the population in an uncertain region, very commendable for the innovation in the insurance sector helping people to focus on what they care about -- their lives."

"Non profit sector transformation to profit is difficult"

"Great and amazing performance achieved 21% sales increase in 2014-5; 30% increase in Q1 2016 alone"

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