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The process for determining the reference policy for Grade Calculations will be carried out on behalf of the beneficiary

The Decree of the Undersecretariat of the Treasury dated 01.09.2015, numbered 2015/36 (2013/19) and titled "Decree for Amendments in the Decree for Reference Policies to be used for Premium Discounts and Increases in Liability Insurance Policies for Motor Vehicles" brings new provisions related to premium grade calculations for real persons and legal entities.

As per the decree, in determining the policy to be taken as reference in grade calculation, in case the beneficiary has more than one vehicle, the reference policy will not be the one requested by the beneficiary but the policy that yields the best result that benefits the beneficiary will be taken as reference.

Previously, reference policy was selected at the time of inquiry by the insurance company and during the declaration made by the beneficiary.

The noted amendments became effective as of 1 October 2015.​

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