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​With the Mobile Accident Report application it's now possible to determine locations of accidents online​


Developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) and launched on 1 October 2014, the Mobile Accident Report application now allows the users to determine exact locations of accidents on the online map.

The application was developed in accordance with the circular issued by the General Directorate of Insurance of the Undersecretariat of Treasury of the Prime Ministry of Turkish Republic and the reports created via the application are deemed to be officially valid by public offices and insurance companies.

It is observed that the application which has been downloaded 300 thousand times until now has brought many gains. And one of them is the ability to track accident locations online.

With the newly developed map application users can;

  • instantly determine accident spots on map of Turkey,
  • determine areas where accidents happen most frequently


Drivers watch out!

With the Accident Intensity Map, drivers can now access information as to locations and time frames where and when the accidents happen most frequently.

With the ability to see which locations pose greater accident risks, drivers are expected to be more careful at those locations.

Precautions Taken at Locations with High Accident Rates!

With this project SBM expects to determine accident locations and provide information to organizations such as security directorate, state highways directorate and municipalities. This way, it will be easier for these organizations to take measures to decrease accidents at such spots by focusing on factors causing accidents at such locations.

Please click here to analyze accidents on a daily, monthly, yearly and hourly basis.

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