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The annual general review meeting held under the topic
of “Success with SBM” was the center of attention
with its vibrant concept.

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), held a general review meeting whereby performance in 2013 was evaluated and projects for 2014 were shared with stakeholders. Among the participants of the meeting held on March 19th, were General Directorate of Insurance of Undersecretariat of Treasury General Manager Ahmet Genç and Deputy General Manager Gökhan Karasu as well as, SBM Chairman of the Board Ragıp Yergin and senior level executives from the insurance industry. 


Ahmet GENÇ






    ​                                                    ​​
The meeting was started with the opening speech of Ahmet Genc whereby Genc emphasized SBM’s place and importance in the sector. After Genc, SBM Chairman of the Board delivered a speech titled “Vision” whereby he presented an overall review of SBM and the insurance sector.

At the meeting held with the theme of “Success with SBM”, SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı made a presentation regarding the existing and upcoming projects of SBM and Satici’s presentation received a great deal of interest from the audience. In his presentation, Satici gave a detailed review of each of the projects of SBM completed successfully in 2013 and shared with the participants, the strategies and goals set for 2014 as well. 

SBM’s Top Projects for 2014 

During the meeting titled “Success with SBM” three major projects that SBM offered to the industry were presented.

​One of the projects promoted at the dedicated stands at the foyer during the meeting and the breaks was the “dashboard” application titled “KOKPIT” which allows executives of the industry to carry out analyses of the sector. KOKPIT allows the users to carry out instant, fast and convenient sector analyses and presents numerous information and data regarding the industry in different statistical formats. KOKPIT can be easily installed on all web browsers, mobile phones and tablets and aims to help executives of the sector to develop and launch the right products and applications by allowing them review and analyze industry related statistical information.

Another major project of SBM is the Mobile Accident Report (KTT) application. The new KTT application allows users to fill their accident report forms on their smart phones without needing to fill a paper copy and is considered to be a top project that will bring a great deal of convenience both the industry and the public. The application will be launched with the name of “SBMobil KTT” will also bring numerous other advantages which include faster and more accurate accident report creation, prevention of traffic jam via directions given on the screen and keeping accident statistics.

​SBM Portal
Another important project that will be opening a new window for the sector is the “SBM Web Portal” application. The most important feature of SBM web portal is the forums and blogs that will facilitate mutual cooperation and communication in the sector. The web portal will be accessible at the address of and all registered users will be able to access forum and blog pages by logging in with their user names and passwords and catch up with the latest news and developments in the sector through this effective communication and information sharing platform.



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