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The visitors from Mongolia Reviewed the Insurance Industry in Turkey


Insurance Inspection Department of Mongolian Financial Regulation Commission, made a quite meaningful visit to Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) on 19 June 2014. FRC Insurance Inspection Department, who visited Turkey with the purpose of analyzing and learning about the insurance industry in Turkey, made its visit to SBM with a team of 7 professionals from the department.

SBM General Manager Aydın Satıcı gave a briefing to the visitors from Mongolia about the areas of operation and projects of SBM and made a presentation detailing the vision and mission of SBM. The Mongolian team toured the SBM head office and had a chance to observe the day-to-day operations of the center. The Mongolian team also expressed their appreciation of the projects that SBM carried in the name of the insurance industry.

FRC acts as the regulatory authority of the financial industry of Mongolia. Operating under a structure that is similar to that of the Undersecretariat of the Treasury of the Turkish Republic, FRC is responsible from ensuring stability in the financial markets, regulating the operations of the financial institutions, enforcing all relevant legislation and monitoring the activities of the financial institutions.

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