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Stronger communication in the sector thanks to dedicated forums and blogs!

As part of the initiatives it started in recent years, SBM continues to develop creative projects and switch to innovative technologies. One of the new projects developed, as part of this initiative is the “” web site, which is considered to be the meeting point for the insurance sector.

The website which will be SBM’s door opening to the world will allow access to important websites such as TRAMER, HAYMER, SAGMER and HATMER which were previously accessible at different addresses. The website which provides numerous services such as liability insurance retrieval, life insurance retrieval and accident report retrieval which are widely used by and open to everyone also features numerous new services which can be considered to be very important for the insurance sector.

One of the most prominent features of the project is the forums and blogs if offers to its users. With the forums and blogs that will be accessible through the  “” website, the stakeholders of the industry will get a chance to meet up and discuss numerous industry related issues which will also mean better communication in the industry. The forum and blog pages will have the following content:

Both in the blogs and the forums, only sector specific information will be shared. All companies and agencies in the sector will be able to log on the portal using their user names and passwords and will be able to share information and make use of the available information.

Blogs will be open to all registered users and all comments will be visible to all users and all registered users will be able to post comments.

On the other hand, the forums have a much more customs structures. Forums of different formats will be available for different types of companies. If a forum that fits the user exists, the user will be able to log in to that forum and access information related only to its own group. This way, a user will not have to get lost among information that is not relevant for its group. Users will be able to search their topics of interest in the forums to access previous discussion threads about a particular topic. If not related topic or thread exists; the user will be able to start a new topic or thread and will be able to get information from other users.

With these applications, sector stakeholders will be able to access content such as news, information, and event announcements relevant to the sector. Because there’s constant need for information, information on the forums and blogs will be accessible whenever needed. The sector will have a chance to access accurate and most up-to-date information through the most comprehensive portal of the sector.

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