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SBM developed the “Physician Policy Retrieval Application”

As part of the Physician Liability Insurance initiative, Insurance Information and Supervision Center recently developed the  “Physician Policy Retrieval Application” which will allow users to retrieve the policy of the health industry worker in question. With this new application, the users will be able to learn weather the policy of the physician exists based on; 

  • Damage Notification Date 
  • ​Physician Registration Number 

and if it exists, they will be able to retrieve information about the policy provider.

As per Article 12 of the Law nr. 1219 titled ‘General Provisions for Liability Insurance Related to Medical Malpractices, realization of risk is defined as “the time when the beneficiary is notified about the claim in relation to the main subject of the insurance policy or the time when the injured party directly applies to the insurance provider”.

In line with this definition, the aggrieved citizens should make an inquiry by entering in the “damage notification date” field, not the date that the damage occurred but the date when the injured party applied directly to the insurance provider after having knowledge of the damage. 

With this new application started by SBM, the injured will be able to retrieve policy information of the physician in question directly and contact the “correct” insurance provider easily when they are filing their claims.

Please click on the link to access the application.

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