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​The General Policy Inquiry Application was developed to enable the individuals and organizations instantaneously reach their policy information existing in our system.

​​As SBM, one of our primary objectives is to offer the data we obtain from the companies to the service of the insurants and organizations and to prevent abuses. In this respect, the General Policy Inquiry Application was developed, and it was enabled for the individuals to display their policies using identity information and policy or SAGMER number.

Health group policy and insurant information are cent to our system with maximum 1 day delay. You can inquire your existing health policies and display main information of the policies using the respective number. The fields you can display with this application are:

  • Policy main information,
  • Insurant information and policies,
  • Discount/additional premium information,
  • Application information.(Renewing guarentee information etc.)
Via our system, you can inquire your health policy, and display whether it is effective, and its general information. Travel Health product group policy and insurant submission is performed "ONLINE". For the Travel Health policies you are inquiring, the fields you can display are:

  • Policy main information,
  • Insurant information and activities,
  • Discount/additional premium and coverage information.
Travel Health policy is requested by the consulates particularly when obtaining visa for the travels to Schengen countries. In order to ascertain authenticity of the policy you have submitted, either inquiry of your policy can be performed through the application, or you can confirm authenticity of your policy by having the consulate perform inquiry of your policy through the respective application.

It is planned to prevent abuses by this application that was put into practice by SBM.

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