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It's time for insurance beyond imagination, READY!
"Imagination is more important 
than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited,
imagination encircles the world." 
Albert Einstein​ 

Organization, Technology, Team and Processes, Ready! ​
Last year, we improved SBM’s organization and gained a much more mature structure that can offer services in a more dynamic manner. While empowering our team with competent, experienced, successful and high quality personnel we also added young and smart brains to our team and now we have a much younger team. With a view to provide more standardized, more traceable, more accurate and more dynamic services, we reviewed all our processes and redesigned them. We now have the best and highest quality team.

Improving Infrastructure and Performance, Ready!
We set year 2013 as a year for transformation and investment and we rebuilt our technical infrastructure from scratch. Our data centers in Istanbul and Ankara are upgraded with new software and systems that have higher performance, higher capacity, and offer increased backup potential. The new system is much easier to manage and offers uninterrupted service.

Business Continuity, Ready!
We updated our emergency plan. We’ve completed all the necessary work that would allow us transfer all our operations to our Ankara Disaster Recovery Center in case of a disaster at our main data center in Istanbul. Now our Istanbul data center is upgraded with new technology that allows 100% backup. We also commissioned a change management procedure that allows zero interruption during work hours. Our data centers now provide 24/7 monitoring and managed in a proactive manner. Our business continuity rate for year 2013 was 99,98% and we set our business continuity target for 2014 as 99,99%.

Infortmation Security, Ready!
We’ve taken all necessary security measures to cover all our infrastructure ranging from surveillance cameras to alarm systems communication network to servers from user authorizations to system, administrator authorizations and from application screens to database from software development processes to password processes, and from emergency plans to logging mechanisms. 

Data Warehouse, Ready!
The newly setup data warehouse allows for faster and more accurate processing of over 200 reports in our reporting platform. The new system decreases data migration duration from 10 hours to 2 hours.

Liberalization and Transparency, Ready!
As a result of numerous corporate decisions taken regarding different areas of business operations in 2013, SBMnow achieved a higher level of liberalization and transparency. The new system allows policy owners to appoint their adjusters of choice. Now we offer,, a platform whereby the policy owners can compare Motor TPL rates from different companies. In addition, the policy owners are now able to retrieve policies, accident reports, and adjuster reports

Confidence in Insurance, Ready!
The notion of “all policies retrieved through are accurate and authentic” has been adopted by all policy owners and resulted in increased confidence in the insurance sector as a whole. SBM now allows policy owners access to all insurance policies under the umbrella of e-government (at the address of The thrust given by the state is now reflected to the insurance sector.

Sustainable Growth, Ready!
Thanks to the projects realized and decisions taken in 2013, the rate of policy owners increased and this brought about a sustainable growth trend in the insurance sector. DASK (Mandatory Earthquake) policies becoming mandatory in order for citizens to have electricity and water connections, 25% government support for BES (Pension), increased diversity and flexibility of investment instruments in BES, clarification of the Motor Own Damage (MOD) insurance structure, ensuring liberalization in Motor TPL policies and achieving full competition in this area, recording and availability of data instantly in the SBM database, policy owners and insurance companies generating more benefits from SBM all triggered growth in the sector. In addition to all of these, increased profitability laid the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Insurance Beyond Imagination, NOW!

NOW It’s Time for Mobile Applications!
We’re developing new mobile applications to be able to provide all services via smartphones as well. Thanks to our mobile applications, all citizens will be able to make use of our services from everywhere anytime. Now it’s much easier to fill out the accident report. Now the policy owners are able to send their accident reports to the insurance company in 5 minutes via their smartphones without needing any pen and paper. Traffic jams will no longer be an excuse not to prepare the accident report. Now it will be possible to determine the blind spots that cause the accidents and it will be easier for officials to take necessary precautions. The starring project of 2014 will be KTT Mobile.

NOW It’s Time for Fraud Management System!
With the new system now insurance fraud can be detected more easily and more quickly and the necessary procedures will be started right away. With the smart analytical applications to be setup in SBM, insurance fraud will become a thing of history. 1 billion Turkish Liras, won back from fraud will be returned to policy owners.

NOW It’s Time for Reconciliation!
We declared year 2014 to be the year of reconciliation. We’re now setting up a new reconciliation infrastructure. We’re now initiating retrospective reconciliation processes with each and every company. This will ensure more accurate and precise reports.

NOW It’s Time for Analytics!
Thanks to the new analytical approach we adopted, DATA will become more meaningful and beneficial. The forecast reports to be created fromanalytical applications, will allowbetter prediction of future. Insurance companies will be able to better understand the insurance sector and the policy owners and will be able to commission new applications. It will also allow comprehensive risk assessment.

NOW, Meet Up, Share, Communicate and Socialize!
Soon, our new portal at the address of will be accessible with a great feature. I’m sure everyone will love our Forum and Blog pages. Anyone with a username and password on the SBM system will be able to contact their colleagues and share information. Adjusters, actuaries, insurance company employees, agents and brokers will be able to share information via the dedicated forum pages. Thanks to this feature, SBM will become the meeting and information hub of the insurance industry employees. Everyone will meet at

NOW, Certify Our Quality!
During the last one year, we’ve made all changes, arrangements and improvements in SBM in order to achieve a higher quality level in every area. And now we want to measure and document the progress we’ve made in terms of quality and security. This year, by receiving the (BSI) ISO27001 certification from an international organization, we wish to document the progress we’ve made in terms of data security. We also wish to have our maturity level measured via an audit process to be carried out by the international independent COBIT audit company. With all these inspections, our goal is to further improve our quality and to be able to provide higher quality services to all individuals and institutions that receive service from us.

NOW It’s Time to Facilitate Things and Make the Policy Owner Happier! 
In addition to the KTT Mobile Application that will make life easier for policy owners by cutting down processing time to a fewminutes, we also initiated the project titled “Direct Settlement, The Exchange Room”. With the Direct Settlement feature, in case of an accident, the policy owners will be able to contact their insurance company directly and have their vehicles fixed and the expenses will be paid by their own company. Both of these applications will improve user satisfaction.

We are both excited and proud to realize all these projects that would ease the lives of policy owners. 

By the end of 2014, we will bring numerous other great features to our policy owners and the joy of doing insurance beyond dreams will take over the whole sector.

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